Day 2 in the Netherlands: Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Edam, Amsterdam

Family Picture :)

That morning at 08.00 local time we departed from the hotel to the village of Windmill Zaanse Schans. Because we could not eat breakfast from the hotel, we searched for food at Zaandam.

Zaandam station

From the Golden Tulip Amsterdam West Hotel as usual we take the tram first to the Amsterdam Sloterdjik train station. After that we took the Sprinter train to Zaandam. Because we already have Amsterdam & Region Travel Tickets, we no longer need to buy train tickets. The journey from Sloterdjik to Zaandam takes only 6 minutes. Once in Zaandam, we were immediately greeted by a very strong wind and cold air. We immediately looked for a cafe for breakfast. Finally we chose a cafe called Wonder’s To Go.

After propping our stomachs, we also enjoyed the beauty of this unique building in Zaandam. Right in front of the cafe, there is a hotel that has a very unique building, like a pile of houses. Make sure you take photos in front of this hotel, because this hotel is one of the most unique hotels in the world. In Zaandam there are indeed so many unique buildings that are really Instagrammable. Unfortunately, because the wind is super strong and very cold, I only took a snap, and the photos were not that good πŸ™

Unique buildings in Zaandam
Inntel Hotel, one of the world’s most unusual and unique hotel

Not wanting to linger here, we immediately entered the station to continue our journey to Zaanse Schans, which is the village of windmills to the north of Zaandam. Zaanse Schans is a picture of Dutch life in the 18th and 19th centuries. Housing to its windmills is still sustainable today.

Zaanse Schans

From Zaandam to Zaanse Schans we took the Sprinter again and took about 5-10 minutes. When we arrived at Zaanse Schans, we walked through the housing, chocolate factory, and we also enjoyed the early autumn where the leaves had started to turn yellow. The weather was also good, even though the wind was strong and the clouds were cloudy, but there was the sun.

Otw Zaanse Schans

After crossing a bridge, we arrived at Zaanse Schans. Here we can visit the cheese, chocolate factory, typical Dutch clogs shoes, souvenir shops, and there are even shops that sell antiques and unique items. Zaanse Schans is a beautiful little village. I love exploring every corner of Zaanse Schans. It didn’t feel like we had been around Zaanse Schans for 2 hours. Because the time showed around 12.00 local time, we immediately returned to Amsterdam again for lunch.

Zaanse Schans
In front of the museum of Dutch watch and Clook in Zaanse Schans
Random pic I took when in Zaanse Schans. According to a Dutch friend, “VREDE” in Dutch means “Peace”
Antique things I found in Zaanse Schans
Traditional Dutch shoes / clogs
Some pics of mine and my family in Zaanse Schans πŸ™‚

From Zaanse Schans there is actually a bus that goes directly to Volendam which is bus no. 891. But this bus only operates from July 16 to August 28 at 10am – 3pm, every 20 minutes. Complete information can be checked here. Because we thought it was October, there was no direct transportation from Zaanse Schans to Volendam. Therefore we had to go to Amsterdam first and then continue our journey to Volendam. We took the Sprinter again, and it took about 20 minutes to reach Amsterdam. That afternoon we looked for lunch in the Amsterdam’s China Town area. Our Dutch friend suggested we eat at his favorite Thai restaurant, called Thaise Snack Bar Bird. But because the place is small, we can’t get a seat here. Fortunately across the street there is a sister restaurant called Bird Thais Restaurant. The difference is in this restaurant the place is bigger and the price is also more expensive, but he said the food is equally delicious.

Amsterdam’s China Town

I also normally order Pad Thai, and this is the best Pad Thai I have ever eaten. The portion is very big, this should be for 2 people, but because it’s really good I can almost finish it. I think that portion with that amazing taste is also very reasonable with the price, which is 15 Euros (or around Rp240,000).

Thaise Snackbar Bird
Bird Thais Restaurant

Once satisfied with lunch at the Thai Restaurant, we immediately headed to Amsterdam Centraal station on foot. Arriving at Amsterdam Centraal, we looked for a bus stop to Volendam. Around 15:00 local time, we took bus number 316 from Amsterdam Centraal to Volendam. The trip takes about 40 minutes to reach Volendam.

Amsterdam Centraal
Bus no. 316 from Amsterdam Centraal to Volendam

Visiting the Netherlands is incomplete if it is not in Volendam. Volendam is an ancient fishing village located in the municipality of Edam-Volendam, in the province of North Holland, the Netherlands, 20km north of Amsterdam. Here we can enjoy the beauty of the harbor, visit the factory and cheese shop, shopping for souvenirs, and the most interesting and not to be missed is taking pictures wearing traditional Dutch clothing.

The beauty of Volendam

Arriving in Volendam, there are so many photo studios that offer photo services for this traditional Dutch clothes. From the results of my research, the recommended and well-known photo studio among Indonesians is De Boer’s Photo. The price is 42 euros for 7 people. If you want to add a USB (so there is a soft copy too), it adds 5 euros. Because in our opinion soft copy is very important, we are also willing to add another 5 Euros, so the total is 47 Euros for 7 people.

Foto de Boer
Pricelist Foto de Boer (October 2017)

This photo studio has 4 floors, where the third floor is a place to choose men’s costumes, and the fourth floor is a place to choose women’s costumes as well as a photo studio. When going up the stairs, on the wall was displayed photos that have been photographed in the studio. The most interesting is the photo of Mrs. Megawati and Mr. Gusdur, our former president! They wore traditional Dutch clothes and took pictures in this Foto De Boer.

Photo of Ibu Megawati and Pak Gusdur with other photos that displayed at Foto de Boer. And even there’s Indonesian statement here, “Hati-Hati Melangkah (Step Carefully)”
Studio Photos de Boer

This traditional Dutch dress is very unique. We all laugh see each other wearing this traditional Dutch dress. Our Dutch friend is also the first time wearing traditional clothes from his own country. He also felt a bit strange wearing these traditional clothes. Because this is a family photo, we consider that our Dutch friend to be a member of our family. What a precious and heart-warming moment! We’re such a happy family πŸ˜€

“Happy Family will change the world” πŸ™‚

This studio photo at De Boer did not disappoint. The waiter was friendly, even she did not hesitate to allow us to take pictures using our own camera outside the photos that have been set, but taking pictures should not be in the area where the photo is. The picture is also good. When the photo session was on, she directed the style too. Then tell us to say “Cheers!”

After that, we continued our journey along Volendam. We stopped at a cheese factory in Volendam, called Cheese Factory Volendam. Every cheese shop has a tester, and I immediately fell in love with the cheese in this shop. Soooo deliciouss and tasty! I like the Smoked Cow Cheese for Dutch cheese. I also bought the Crispy Gouda Cheese there, a kind of Gouda cheese biscuit. Super Lekker! πŸ˜€

Strolling around Volendam
Souvenir shops in Volendam
And here it is! We found “Cheese Factory Volendam”, a recommended one in Volendam πŸ˜‰
This is Marken Express. So, from Volendam you can take ferry directly to Marken
Typical houses in the Netherlands.. So pretty! And oh, they also put a Buddha statue in front of their house. This is so interesting πŸ˜€
Love the typical houses in this flat country

Once satisfied with cheese shopping, we continued on to Edam village. From Volendam to Edam, we took the 316 bus again and it took about 25 minutes. Finally, at around 17:00 we arrived at Edam village, which is a village that produces Edam cheese. In the Middle Ages, the cheese market in Edam was a center of community activity, where farmers brought their homemade cheese to be weighed, sold and then exported throughout the world. For this reason, we also visited a cheese shop called Wijn & Kass here.

Because it was late, we had to go back to Amsterdam immediately. Although in Edam we didn’t have time to explore much, but I got the impression from this village, which is calm and cool. From Edam, we took Bus no.314 to Amsterdam. The trip takes about 35-45 minutes.

Edam, a small and beautiful village in the Netherlands
with the famous Edam Cheese Carriers Statue

Arriving in Amsterdam, because we were still not satisfied shopping for cheese, we also sought a cheese shop again. Finally we found a cheese shop called Amsterdam Cheese Deli, and this is where I found Truffle Cheese! I really like Truffle, once I saw Truffle Cheese, I was immediately excited to buy it.

Enjoying Amsterdam city
So, I was taking a photo of bus in Amsterdam, then immediately there are some foreigners (or local people i don’t know lol) who want to be inside the frame, then my dad also joined them to take a picture. LOLΒ 
Amsterdam Cheese Deli

After that, we had dinner at an Indonesian restaurant called Aneka Rasa. Because I still felt very full because of Pad Thai that afternoon, I didn’t want to eat either, only have a drink here. But my family had dinner, and they say the food is so-so, much better in Indonesia.

Finally, at around 10:00 pm local time we returned to the hotel. And that was my short and tight experience while in the Netherlands.



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