My Not Pleasant Experience Travel to Japan


Japan. I often heard about the good things about this country. People who obey the rules, polite, transportation is very comfortable, the point is that traveling there is also very safe. But once I got there it turned out that I saw it from a different side. I don’t know, I got an experience that I didn’t like while in Japan.

1. Transportation

While waiting for the train

The transportation is super complicated, I myself often get lost and take the wrong train. We asked the officers that passed over, he said, we should have taken the other train. Once you want to take the train, ask another officer, he said we should take the another train. Me and most of my friends usually took a long time to find a way.

Look at Google Maps was also confusing. At that time we even got off the train separately on our third day in Kyoto. Which station should dropped off, but because of Google Maps my friend’s cellphone suggested at the previous station, so they even got off first.

2. Meals

Ichiran Ramen

Many people say that food in Japan is all delicious. I, before going to Japan, already list foods that I want to try when in Japan. So many lists. But when traveling, my friends just wanted to look for food that was located close to us at that time. If we follow the list, most of the locations are some distance away, or the restaurant isn’t open yet. So finally the list is not used too much.

Because where we ate just found while there, so what I tasted was mostly so-so. Not as good as most people say. Even so, I still tried its popular foods there, such as Ichiran Ramen, Menbaka Fire Ramen, Melon Pan.


What I like the most is not the food, but the ice cream. Yes, I admit that ice cream in Japan is really delicious. Japanese Soft Matcha that I bought on the side of the road, ice cream in a vending machine, and the one I recommend the most is Cremia. It’s a must try! The most delicious ice cream I’ve ever tried instead.

3. Accommodation

Airbnb Kyoto

When I was looking for lodging, I was going to stay in a Ryokan airbnb. Then using Kimono / Yukata. But unfortunately it turns out that airbnb is quite expensive. Because the trip to Japan was about to save money, so we looked for it on a cheap airbnb but still looked ok. But because of that, I really could save a trip to Japan.

It turned out that our stay in Japan was not so ok. The location is a bit far from transportation. Having to go into the aisles, it’s rather difficult to find. The room was also cramped for the five of us. The bathroom is also very narrow.

Airbnb is the worst in Osaka, imagine. The toilet and bathroom are separated. Once open the bathroom, the front is exactly the door to the toilet. The bathroom is transparent. People take a shower can be seen from outside. So if anyone wants to go to the toilet, then someone else is taking a shower, so yea.. The toilet also has no water, or the automatic flush from the toilet.

4. Safe / Not


Japan is also famous for its nightlife. Especially when I was in Kyoto, I was staying in the Gion area which has a lot of Geisha and the red district area too. When the nights pass through the area, many bars / pubs, many pimps are offering promotions to passing girls / boys. As long as we don’t look at them, it’s safe.

But when I was in Osaka, my friend said he saw for himself that there were Japanese man who liked to photograph / record from below if there were girls wearing short skirts. Actually, this might actually be everywhere. In Japan minimart, there are also many magazines selling like that. I was quite shocked actually. 

So if asked whether it is safe or not, for me the answer is 50:50. The point is, you should be able to take care of yourself especially as a woman. Wherever it is, still have to be careful and guard yourself.

5. Language

with our Japanese friends~

At first I thought language was not a problem while in Japan. It turns out that Japanese people have very little English, like Chinese. Even the young people don’t speak English. In Korea, young people can still speak English. So if you ask for a way, you can ask. Well, but if in Japan it’s really hard.

I thought they should be fluent in Mandarin too. But coincidence that we met could not speak Mandarin and English. We ended up using Google Translate with its voice feature, so we can communicate with them.

When I was at USJ, I became acquainted with Japanese guy. He does not speak English. So we don’t talk too much. I was impressed when I want to say good bye, he bowed 90 degrees. Though at first I wanted to shake hands with him. Eh he even bent LOL

6. Weather

Rainy day

At first I thought that summer in Japan would be very hot. It turned out that it rained as long as I was in Japan, except for the last 2 days in Japan, which was just bright. The mood for the walk is not good because of the weather. Take photos or videos are too lazy. Because it’s complicated to hold the umbrella, hold the cellphone to see the maps, and if we move the city while grooming our suitcase too.

The rain is also usually very durable from morning to night again. The point is, before planning to go to Japan, you must see the weather forecast first. About that month or date, it rains or not.

7. Travel Buddies


My traveling companions are almost the same these past years, but sometimes there are new ones too. So far there have been no problems with my traveling companions. So our trip are always fun and exciting. But the one who went to Japan, there was a new one. And somehow the atmosphere of our trip was not pleasant. We all selfish, do not want to budge, even if finally succumbed, the atmosphere is still not good.

Is this because of being influenced by that person? or because the style of our trip is already different? I have no idea. But clearly this trip is the most uncomfortable when I travel. Friends are very important indeed. If it is not suitable, even if you go to a beautiful place, you will still not enjoy it.

Don’t want to go to Japan again?

Because there are so many unpleasant experiences while in Japan, if asked want or not go to Japan again? The answer is yes. Instead I’m still curious about Japan, which people say is good. But maybe with a different travel companion, a different season, a different city, of course. When I go to Japan again, I really want to explore Tokyo and northern Japan such as Hokkaido and Shirakawa-Go (if it’s winter).



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