Day 1 in the Netherlands: Amsterdam

The time was around 13:30 when we landed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We immediately took the baggage and then searched for a transportation card ticket window to buy Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket for 3 days. Strangely, we do not pass through Immigration here, so there was no stamp of arrival in Amsterdam. I don’t know whether I missed it or there isn’t, for sure I just got it when my passport was checked at Swiss immigration. Luckily because on my Schengen Visa it says “Multiple Visa” so I didn’t have a problem fitting in at Swiss immigration.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

After we bought the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket for 3 days for 33.5 Euros per person, we immediately drove to our hotel, the Golden Tulip Amsterdam West. From the airport to the hotel, we took the Sprinter 5819 train (Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam Sloterdjik) 2 stops, then after that took another tram number 12 (Sloterdijk – Molenwerf) 1 stop. We can also walk, but just because it’s not convenient to bring a suitcase, so it’s better to ride the tram.

Arriving at the hotel, we check in hotel. The self-check-in service is available here, but the engine is a bit of an error, so in the end it was helped by the receptionist. After checking in, we just put a suitcase in the room, then immediately continue to look for foods because we didn’t have lunch at all. You could say it was lunch late in the afternoon, because it was around 15:30 local time.

Luckily I’ve researched good places to eat in Amsterdam. Well there’s an Italian restaurant, La Casa Di Michael, which is located directly opposite our hotel. This is probably the best pizza I have ever had! The pizza is really good, and cheap too. Only 9.5 Euros (or around Rp. 152,000). The owner is an Italian. The waiter was very friendly too. There is also a kind of billboard that contains money from various countries. Because there is no Rupiah yet, my father also posted Rupiah (Rp2,000) there 😀

Money from various countries

The best pizza in town!

La Casa Di Michael

After had late lunch, we began our journey in Amsterdam. The weather was cloudy, windy, cold, and I was in the wrong costume! I thought that Amsterdam wasn’t too cold, so I was only wearing a thin cardigan. Eh, it turned out the weather was so cold, the wind makes it cold.

Inside Tram

Initially I wanted to visit Begijnhof, the old Dutch housing complex inhabited by semi-monastic Catholic women. So that time from the hotel to Begijnhof, we took Tram 12 (Molenwerf – Amsterdam, Overtoom) 9 stops, then continued to take Tram 1 (Amsterdam, Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat – Spui) 5 stops. It turned out that when we got out of the Spui Tram, and it was already around 17.00. So it’s not possible to go there again, because the housing closes at 17:00.


Then we decided to immediately go to Bloemenmarkt (Floating Flower Market), because from there you can walk and the market closes around 17:30. At first, I imagined that in Bloemenmarkt we could only find flowers, like tulips, even though it was not the season. Apparently there are many souvenir shops, cheese, snacks, etc. We bought a lot of souvenirs here. We also found the Kaaskelder Henri Willig cheese shop. There is a tester here, so you can try which cheese matches your taste. I prefer Cow cheese instead of Goat. Goat cheese is too strong for me, while the cow’s cheese is so perfect for me! 😀 I like the Smoked Cow Cheese the most. Finally we bought some Smoked Cow Cheese here. I also tasted Stroopwafel at Bloemenmarkt. Stroopwafel is a snack that must be tried when visiting the Netherlands.

Inside the Floating Flower Market

Tulip Flowers

Beggar statue? Lol

Must try when in Holland: Strropwafels!

Typical Dutch snacks for souvenirs

Unique building in Bloemenmarkt

After that, the journey continues to the I amsterdam Sign behind the Rijksmuseum. We can take tram 2 or 5 (Amsterdam Koningsplein – Amsterdam Rijksmuseum). Unfortunately, I amsterdam sign is full of people who take pictures. As a result our photos became less good because of the crowd. Oh yeah, here I also saw street musicians playing traditional instruments. How interesting!

I amsterdam Sign

Because parents don’t like museums, we don’t go into the Rijksmuseum. Though he said this museum is good, there are many antiques from Asia and even there is a statue of the Buddha’s head from the Borobudur temple. Then because the architecture of this museum is good, so we just took a picture in front of this Rijksmuseum. The time is pk19.00 local time. I thought I was going to take a canal boat to enjoy the city of Amsterdam, because the last boat left at 19:00. But for one reason or another, so we finally decided to just go to Damsquare. We took the tram to Damsquare.


Amsterdam city

Canals+Bikes = Amsterdam

Arriving at Damsquare, we were amazed by the buildings there. There are many beautiful and magnificent buildings. At that time at 19:30, it started to get rather dark, if in Jakarta it was like 6:00 p.m. There are many buildings that have started to be decorated with lights, how beautiful!

Magna Plaza, near Damsquare

In Damsquare we just sit and enjoy the surrounding scenery. So Damsquare is indeed the city square of Amsterdam. There are a lot of people gathered here, there are street musicians, all kinds of things. Oh yeah, there’s also Madame Tussauds here. We also spent about 1 hour here.


After that we look for a restaurant for dinner. Initially I wanted to eat at an Indonesian restaurant that I listed earlier, because based on the results of research on Google, it was a recommended Indonesian restaurant, named Long Pura. Uh, but it turns out the restaurant is very crowded! Waiting list. Because it was already too late and tired, we finally had chose the restaurant at the end of the road. I only ate Chicken Soup, but the soup was delicious. But other foods my family said just so-so. At the restaurant the waiter was also not friendly.

Inside the restaurant

After dinner, we still took the time to shop at the Albert Heijn supermarket. We bought Dutch snacks, like Stroopwaffles, sweets, Verkade biscuits, etc. Of course, because shopping in supermarkets is certainly cheaper than in souvenir shops. Anyway, I really like Verkade biscuits, especially the chocolate ones! 😀 But be careful, if you want to shop, you have to see the composition, is there Marijuana or not. Because I see candy, chocolate, or drinks mixed with Marijuana. Well, Amsterdam is indeed a free sex and drug country.

Albert Heijn Supermarket

We then returned to the hotel to rest. The next day we left for villages around Amsterdam, namely Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Edam. If possible also wanna go to Marken. So the next day we had to leave early in the morning.

Strolling around Amsterdam at night

This first day trip in Amsterdam is finished. We really didn’t expect Amsterdam to be that cold. People said that in the villages around Amsterdam that I wanted to visit the next day it would be cooler and windier than Amsterdam that day.

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    • Hi Linda,
      Iya tram itu mirip bus, tapi ada rel nya sendiri seperti kereta. Di dalam tram nya ada tulisannya juga next stop nya dimana. Kalau announcement seinget aku ga ada, jd harus liat tulisannya next stop nya dimana. Dan ketika mau turun, harus pencet tombol buat stop nya gitu, kalau gak tram nya jalan terus :))

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