Train from Beijing to Harbin

Tiket kereta Harbin

From Beijing to Harbin takes around 7-8 hours by using high speed train . At that time our high speed train ticket was 306.5RMB. If we use the economy train with the duration 12-18 hours, the price was 156.5RMB. Half price than the high speed train. But yea, for the convenience we chose high speed train.

Train ticket to Harbin

At that time, we almost took the economy train, but fortunately failed. Our economy train was K type of train. Read more about our story of The Struggle to go to Harbin, so then we went by high speed train one week after it.

Finally the day has to come. Our “second” departure time to Harbin. At 1 pm, we went from our university dorm to Beijing Railway Station by bus then continued by subway. I suggested to go by subway to the station, because afraid of the traffic jam. Beijing has bad traffic jam too. The train was scheduled to depart at 3.15pm. So then we arrived at Beijing Railway Station at around 2pm. We went inside the train at 3pm.

Going inside the train

During our journey from Beijing to Harbin, we saw a lot of mountains or beautiful hills. Coupled with orange-colored sun. What a beautiful views! When the sky was getting dark, we couldn’t enjoy the view outside again. Four of us were just doing chit chat and selfies.

Inside this D-type train (Dongche 动车), there’s a hot water provided. So we can drink hot water, brewed tea or coffee. The train was clean and convenient. So do the toilet. Actually there’s a high speed train that provides bed as our seats. There’s also a train which has private rooms, one room for 4 people inside. But unfortunately we couldn’t get the train with that types. We only could get the D-type train, which means we had to sit for 7-8 hours from Beijing to Harbin. Well, it’s actually better than sit for 12-18 hours by using economy train.

Hot water in the train
Toilet in the train
Inside the train

The train was stopped at every station. When we almost arrived at Harbin around 9pm, it’s in Shenyang I guess, we already felt the cold from outside. At first we took off the jacket when we’re in the train, but when we felt the cold from the outside we immediately wear the jacket again. We’re so excited to go to Harbin, and experienced the cold weather in Harbin.

Finally around 11pm, we arrived at Harbin West Railway Station. When we went out from the train, we started to feel cold. But the cold was not as cold as I thought before. Maybe the weather at that day is not that cold. We’re so happy and excited because finally arrived in Harbin. Yeaa, Finally! 🙂


  1. Halo Jeane, thanks for your review trip to this enchanted place.
    Saya ada plan juga ke Harbin tgl 23 Jan 2018 nanti.
    Setelah berkali-kali browsing di Ctrip, ternyata tiketnya cepet banget ya sold out nya. Takutnya ga kedapetan nanti. Tiket yg dijual pun cuma sekitar 1 bulan ke depan aja.

    Boleh cerita gimana pengalaman kamu pas beli tiket dulu, sulitkah?


    • Hi George, salam kenal! 🙂
      Iya kalau beli online cuma bisa dalam jangka waktu 1 bulan aja. Alternatif lain selain sih, bisa coba cek
      Kalau aku sih dulu beli tiket nya di travel agent lokal di Beijing. Pake nya untuk booking penginapan aja.

  2. Halo jeane, mau tnya kalau mau ke harbin bulan november bisa gak ya klau mau lihat saljunya. Sekitar november awal atau november akhir ya sebaiknya kesana untuk dapat melihat salju ? Terima kasih

    • Hai Seli,
      Kalau turun salju sih ga bisa diprediksi gitu ya, soalnya tiap taun beda2. Kadang turun salju nya bisa lebih cepet, bisa juga agak lama. Kalau bulan November awal itu sebenernya masih termasuk musim gugur. Kalau november akhir udah mulai pergantian musim dari musim gugur ke musim dingin. Ya better sih november akhir atau desember. Lebih baik lagi bulan Januari, puncak nya musim dingin biasanya.


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