The Struggle to Go to Harbin

Perlengkapan "Perang" Harbin

If you go to China during winter, so Harbin is a must-visit city. In Harbin you have to visit Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Here you can see the ice and snow which formed into something interesting and at night it’s all decorated with colored lights. That’s why Harbin is called “Ice City”. It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

Harbin is one of places to go for me. My dream to go to Harbin has finally came true on 2015. When I studied Mandarin language in Beijing, I started to plan a trip to Harbin with my Indonesian friends.

We can use high speed train from Beijing to Harbin with the duration around 8 hours. 1 week before the departure, I started to prepare the “war” equipment because Harbin is the coldest city in China. And I heard it can be reach -40 degree Celcius in winter! I couldn’t imagine how cold Harbin is. While in Beijing with -10 degree Celcius already made me so shivering. What if -40 degree Celcius?!

“War” equipment to Harbin

I even couldn’t go to the class for 1 week, it’s for the sake of preparing myself to go to Harbin, because I was sick at that time. I just wished I could be healthy when go to Harbin. So when the day had come, all of the “war” equipment were packed already and we’re ready to go to the station. But once arrived at the station, we missed the train.

Beijing Railway Station

Well, the exciting story has begun. After knowing we already missed the train, we made efforts how to go to Harbin at that day. In China, we can refund 100% of the train ticket and buy the new train ticket at the station. But unfortunately the high speed train’s ticket was sold already, and only economy train was available for us. The economy train takes around 12-18 hours from Beijing to Harbin, and the train conditions are not as good as high speed train. Because we really wanted to go to Harbin that day, so we decided to buy the economy train ticket. But we didn’t change the ticket from Harbin to Beijing.

Ticket Exchange Counter
The new train ticket

When it’s almost the time to depart, we went inside the station. We’re queuing the line to go inside the train. I actually had seen the sign that we can go inside the train to Harbin. But I was confused why the people didn’t go inside the train. Stupidity we’re waiting for people to go inside. After a while, we felt a bit strange so we asked to the people who next to us. Then, we’re missed the train again! What a day! We didn’t know should crying or laughing. 真傻瓜!

This is a moment, when I recognized the sign, but we’re only waiting for people to go inside. LOL

After that we planned a plan B, which is bought new train ticket for the departure one week after it. The refund ticket in China can be done once. So we could still refund the ticket from Harbin to Beijing. Then we finally bought return tickets (Beijing-Harbin, Harbin-Beijing) one week after it.

The newest train ticket

Our journey to Harbin was started. Once arrived in Harbin, we felt so lucky because it’s snowing in Harbin. If we went to Harbin one week before, or the day we planned at first, we couldn’t experience snowing in Harbin.

Well yea, these all have a meaning. We’re so grateful could go to Harbin at the right time with the convenient high speed train. We felt that to go to Harbin is a real struggle. So many silly, funny, and stupid stories. But I like it. There’s always a story behind a journey.


  1. Mba mau tanya dunk, aku pengen banget winter di china, setelah gugel2 nemu deh blog mba nya, aku tertarik pengen nyoba salju di harbin. Pertanyaanya apakah cuma beijing bamdara terdekat untuk menuju harbin? Atau ada lainnya. Kemudian waktu yang tepat untuk mengunjunginya pada bulan apakah? Biar bisa mengang saljunya. Aku rencna flightnya dari kuala lumpur. Trus harga tiket kereta dari beijing ke harbin berapa ya mba. Salam kenal dari enry di Pekanbaru Riau Indonesia. Hehehe

  2. Halo Jeane, thanks for your review trip to this enchanted place.
    Saya ada plan juga ke Harbin tgl 23 Jan 2018 nanti.
    Setelah berkali-kali browsing di Ctrip, ternyata tiketnya cepet banget ya sold out nya. Takutnya ga kedapetan nanti. Tiket yg dijual pun cuma sekitar 1 bulan ke depan aja.

    Boleh cerita gimana pengalaman kamu pas beli tiket dulu, sulitkah?



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