Skiing in Harbin

It's me, skiing for the first time

Harbin, the must-visit city during winter in China, offer us winter activities. One of them is Skiing. There’s one popular place to go skiing in Harbin, named Yabuli Ski Resort.

At first we planned to go skiing at Yabuli Ski Resort, but our local tour guide who was our driver as well, said that Yabuli is quite far from the city. We also had a schedule to go to Harbin Ice and Snow Festival at night that day. So, he suggested to go skiing to the nearest place. Then he took us to go skiing at Yufeng Ski Resort.


Yufeng Ski Resort 玉峰滑雪场 is a small ski resort and not many people come to this place. Once we arrived there, we were so surprised. There were a lot of local staffs who tried to approach us. They wanted us to give them our country’s money (Indonesian Rupiah). They said they wanted to collect the money from various countries. The thing that I don’t like is they forced us to do that. They won’t stop talking until we really gave them the money. I was feeling so afraid.

We also rented the locker, ski equipment, and instructor for 1 hour. All of rent fees is excluded from the skiing fee. The other thing that I also don’t like is the instructor was also forced me to give him the tips. But yeah, this is China man!

Okay, so forget about the bad things. Tell more about the skiing experience is more important. So, it’s my first time to go skiing. Excited yet nervous, that’s my feelings at the time. And because my body was not fit, a bit headache, flu, so I was really so nervous. I was afraid to fall down. The instructor is still young, so it’s easier to chit chat, and I became not so nervous again. He couldn’t speak English. Fortunately I can speak Mandarin but not so fluent at that time. He was still a university student and took part time job as ski instructor there. At first I thought he is “nice”, but at the end he wanted me to gave him the tips.

Skiing is actually easy but really tired. Once we slide from up to down, we have to climbed up again then slide down again. The slide was fast, but climb was slow. It’s too bad there’s no cable car here, so we have to climb up. At that time the weather was quite hot, I wear the thick ski jacket which provided by the ski resort. I also wear the ear cover, scarf, thick gloves, and thick pants to prevent cold. But on fact, it’s too hot. So then I was sweating and feel overheating. LOL

Besides skiing, we can also snow sledding in Yufeng Ski Resort. There’s additional fee to rent the tire. This was a fun winter activity but so damn tired. Because we have to climbed up again after slide down with the tire. However I felt healthier during our winter activities (skiing and snow sledding). I immediately forgot about flu I had and focus more on the happy things. LOL

Even though we’re satisfied skiing and snow sledding, but after calculation our spent for skiing was so big. If I’m not mistaken, it was 1000RMB in total. Well, actually it’s not worth it. But, it’s my first time skiing experience. Skiing is worth to try, and I will definitely go for skiing another time in another place 🙂

It’s me, skiing for the first time

Yeaaayy~ we’ve made it!
The restaurant in Yufeng Ski Resort
Snow Sledding


  1. Wow sepertinya enak banget ya harbin, saya mau tanya dong
    saya juga berencana mau ke sana bulan 3 Tahun depan 2017,

    1. kira kira bulan 3 itu masi dingin ga ya?

    2. Uda itu Ice Festival nya tutup sampai tanggal dan bulan berapa? Kira kira bulan Maret masih ada ga ya?

    3. Beli Tiket kereta Beijing – Harbin bisa online ga?

    • Hai Riawan,
      1. Saya rasa sih kalau bulan 3 masih dingin yah di Harbin.
      2. Ice Festival nya untuk tahun 2017 dibuka dari tgl 5 Januari sampai akhir Februari, mungkin sekitar tgl 25 Februari 2017.
      3. Kalau beli tiket kereta bisa online kok. Beli di juga bisa

      Semoga membantu ya.
      Cheers 🙂

  2. Halo saya mau ke beijing 15 februari 2017
    Mai tnya klo main ski yg paling rekomen dan dkt dimana? Saya single trip tiket masuknya brp ya?
    Klo di nanthan gtu jauh ga ya


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