Singapore Airlines Review from Jakarta to Osaka Return


You could say I was fortunate enough because I got a really cheap flight ticket from Jakarta to Osaka Return on Singapore Airlines for only Rp3,400,000. Many do not believe I can get a price as cheap as that, “How cheap is that ticket?” Yes, I myself did not initially believe.


Singapore Airlines


So this is the secret, at that time I was looking at the prices of plane tickets at the Travel Fair at JCC. I checked the price of a ticket to Osaka Return was 4.1 million using Singapore Airlines. Pretty cheap, but not as cheap as I imagined. Because at the time of the travel fair basically everything that sells airplane tickets also dropped in price, so I also checked the Singapore Airlines website, checked OTA like Traveloka etc.

The price on Traveloka for the Jakarta-Osaka PP flight at that time was Rp4,249,000. Well, apparently Traveloka at that time gave me a coupon code for a specific user. This coupon code discounts up to Rp1,000,000 for plane tickets. I immediately check the price after using this promo code, eh it turns out I got a discount of Rp.849,800! πŸ˜€ So the price after the discount is Rp3,399,200 aka 3,4 million. Amazing isn’t it? πŸ˜€



Inside Singapore Airlines


For this reason, at that time I immediately rushed to contact my friends whoever wanted to come to Japan because there were cheap tickets. Finally we were in total there were 5 people, including me. Because if you buy tickets directly for 5 people it turns out that the discount isn’t maximal, we finally decided to buy the tickets individually.

There are some friends who can’t get coupon codes from Traveloka. Luckily at that time there was also a promo when using Pay Later got a discount of Rp. 500,000. Finally, those who cannot get a specific coupon code use the discount Pay Later. Not bad, the discount is IDR 500,000. So they paid Rp3,749,000 for Jakarta-Osaka Return flight tickets using this SQ.


Because it is also cheap tickets, transit is also very long. Fortunately this is a Singapore Airlines flight, so we are transiting at Changi Airport Singapore, which is already clear, comfortable and convenient. Here is my flight schedule:


10 July 2019, Jakarta – Singapore 07.55 – 10.45
Transit 21h 45m in Singapore
11 July 2019, Singapore – Osaka 08.30 – 16.10


17 July 2019, Osaka – Singapore 17.25 – 23.05
Transit 7h 15m in Singapore
18 July 2019, Singapore – Jakarta 06.20 – 07.25


As for my other friends, when they return they still want to travel first in Singapore. So I went home alone from Singapore to Jakarta. Never mind, staying at Changi Airport by myself I am still brave πŸ˜› Oh yes, when it was our departure on July 10, we stayed at Changi Airport too.


Because I was staying at Changi Airport, I was already prepared to bring a change of clothes and facial wash in my backpack. Actually, the suitcase can be taken at Changi Airport as well, but because I’m lazy to grope the suitcases again, so I just request it to be taken at Osaka. This request can be sent directly to the Singapore Airlines officer when the baggage drops.


48 hours before departure, we were able to start web check-in. Because we bought the tickets individually, so the check-in must also be individually. But for the sake of sitting together, we chose a row of chairs that were still empty. Unfortunately seats for Jakarta-Singapore flights are no longer able to choose. The seat is random. But for Singapore-Osaka seats, fortunately there are still many empty seats in a row.


Inside SQ Jakarta – Singapore. So comfy!


It was time for D Day. The Singapore Airlines baggage allowance was 30kg. My luggage at that time seemed to be less than 20kg. The plane departed on time. Flying with Singapore Airlines does not disappoint. The service is really good. The food provided is also delicious. The chair is also very comfortable, it can stretch as well as the legs. It so happened that on the plane from Jakarta – Singapore I got the rear seat, which was near the toilet. I don’t know why I feel that the chair behind is much more comfortable than usual :))


Meals provided by SQ. What I really love is the Haagen Dazs Ice Cream πŸ˜€Β 


For aircraft from Singapore-Osaka, the seats are narrower than before. Even so, the chair is still comfortable. The best was the flight from Osaka to Singapore, because many were still empty. Incidentally, at that time I got a chair in the middle of the edge. The 3 chairs next to me are all empty. My friend said to lie down, the boundary between the chairs was lifted up. But because I feel bad, I didn’t do it when in fact it was okay, too πŸ˜›


So I feel very fortunate to be able to fly with Singapore Airlines with 5-star facilities and at a very cheap price. I recommend checking out any promos often, comparing prices, and good luck! Hopefully you also find cheap promo flight tickets to the destination of your dreams πŸ˜€


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