[Review] Maxone Hotel Belitung

Main Lobby Maxone Hotel Belitung

When I and my friends were making a plan to go to Belitung, we had a tough time on deciding which hotel in Belitung that is good and affordable for us. At first, we looked at BW Suite Belitung which has infinity pool. It’s absolutely a nice and luxury hotel, but it’s too pricey for us. We looked for other hotel, such as Golden Tulip and Billiton. It looks nice too, but still pricey. And Maxone Hotel is also a good choice. It’s affordable, and the reviews are good enough. We also looked at the guesthouse at Airbnb.com. But finally we decided to stay at the hotel, and our decision was at Maxone Hotel. We checked the price at several websites, such as Agoda.com, Booking.com, Traveloka, and pegipegi.com. Well, we just found out, if we want the cheaper price, we should book it from the mobile application, rather than book from the website. After double checked again, we decided to book Maxone Hotel through Traveloka mobile app. At that time, we got the price Rp726.396 for 3 nights per person. It includes breakfast too.

Maxone Hotel is located quite far from the beach. However, the hotel and the room was clean, tidy, and cozy. And the most important is the breakfast was really good! There are so many choices of breakfast, such as rice with its side dishes, bread, soto, rujak, cakes, Indonesian traditional snacks, pudding, etc. The menu change everyday. Beside the restaurant, there’s a swimming pool. But it’s too small. At that time, when I had breakfast, I saw a kid and his parents were swimming. Really cute.

Main Lobby Maxone Hotel Belitung
The restaurant of Maxone Hotel Belitung
Swimming Pool

In front of the room, there’s like a “Round thing” that can be rotated. If we’re doing fine, we can rotate it to “Fine” mode. If we’re going to sleep, we can rotate it to “Sleep, don’t disturb” mode. If we want our room to be cleaned, we can also rotate it to “Please clean the room” mode.

In each rooms, they provide 2 towels (because 2 persons in a room), cable TV (Indovision), mineral waters, AC, Wifi. The wifi was not really good. It often disconnected, and sometimes it runs really slow. The bed was really nice and comfy. They also provide 2 pillows in each bed. The room interior was cute enough. I love it.

Bedroom and Bathroom at Maxone Hotel Belitung

The service was good too. When we just arrived at the hotel, our luggage was lifted by the staff, and delivered to our room. So we don’t need to bring along our luggage to our room by ourselves. There’s also a lift. At that time we got the room at 3rd floor, with the total of 6th floor. In this hotel, there’s also an ATM, ATM of Mandiri Bank.

Maxone Hotel is available in some cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Sukabumi, Bandung, Belitung, Bali, Palembang, Malang, Surabaya, and Makassar. Overall, my experience of staying in Maxone Hotel in Belitung was really nice 🙂

Name: Maxone Hotel Belstar Belitung
Address: Jl. Sriwijaya, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung 33411 – Indonesia
Telp: +62 719 9225 777


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