My Favorite Shopping Center in Beijing

Beijing Subway
Beijing Subway

If you go to Beijing, the major city of China, you shouldn’t miss shopping experience here. I’ve lived in Beijing for a while, and these are my favorite shopping center in Beijing.

1. Xidan Shopping Center

Xidan Shopping Center has its own subway, named Xidan Station. Xidan Station is located on Line 1 (red line) and Line 4 (light blue line).

Xidan has 2 kinds of shopping center, cheap Xidan and expensive Xidan. Once you go out from Xidan station, on your left side is the expensive Xidan, while on your right side is the cheap Xidan. If you see the popular brands like Zara, etc, that’s the expensive Xidan. But I prefer to go shopping at cheap Xidan. The starting price was not that high, so we can do the bargain easier. It can be bargained until 30%, 50% or more from the starting price. For example, they said the clothes price is 200RMB, we can bargain start from 50-100RMB.

2. Silk Market

Silk Market has its own subway station too, named Yong’anli 永安里. Yonganli Station is located on Line 1 (red line). Silk Market is a popular shopping center for foreigners. When I was there, almost every buyers were foreigners. The sellers also could speak English. Your barganing skills would be improved here, because the starting price is super crazy! and we have to bargain as cheap as possible. At first, the seller would say the starting price is 1,300RMB. At that time I was accompanied by my cousin who was also lived in Beijing. She taught me how to go shopping at Silk Market. She bargained the price start from 50 RMB. Then bargaining for a while, and finally we got the best deal 200RMB. Can you imagine, from 1,300RMB to 200RMB?! It’s super crazy, isn’t it?

It’s really exhausted to do bargaining, but it’s fun on the other side. And one more tips, the seller would be willing to give the cheap price if we can bargain in Mandarin Chinese. So that’s why, it’s important to learn Mandarin Chinese for bargaining/shopping 😀

3. Wudaokou Clothing Market

Wudaokou is an area in Beijing which full with Korean people. It’s called as “Korean Village”. So many Korean people are hanging out in this place. There are also a lot of restaurants, cafes, and even clothing market which sell Korean clothes. Wudaokou has its own subway station too, named Wudaokou Station which located on Line 13 (orange line). If you want to go to this clothing market, you have to take a bus in front of the subway station. Then after 2-3 stops you’ll arrived at this clothing market.

Shopping at Wudaokou Clothing Market is really a nice experience, same like in Xidan, the starting price is not that high. Once I entered to this clothing market, I felt like I wanna try all of the clothes here. The clothes are super cuteeee. It’s really a Korean style of fashions. So, if you like Korean fashions, this is your place! 😉

4. Tianyi Wholesale Market

Tianyi can be reached by using subway or bus. I preferred to use bus at that time. If you want to use subway, you can take subway Fuchengmen Station Line 2 (blue line).

Tianyi is like a heaven for those of you who like cute things/souvenirs. I used to like to buy the souvenirs here. It’s cheap, high quality, and has so many variations.

Tianyi Market at Night

The four shopping centers I described above are my favorite. Xidan is my favorite shopping center if I was lazy to do bargaining. Silk Market, my favorite shopping center. Wudaokou, my favorite shopping center for Korean Fashion. Tianyi, my favorite shopping center for cute things.

Actually there are still many shopping center in Beijing, for example like Wangfujing, Sanlitun, Qianmen, etc. But everyone has their own favorite shopping centers. I’ve shared my favorite shopping center in Beijing. How about you? 🙂



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