Island Hopping in Belitung

GB Girls at Lengkuas Island

Belitung has so many small islands which can be visited by us, such as Bird Island, Sand Island, Lengkuas Island, Kepayang Island/Babi (Pig) Island, Batu Berlayar Island, and Kelayang Island. To get into those islands, the starting point is at Tanjung Kelayang Beach. From Tanjung Kelayang Beach, we can rent a boat for a day to do island hopping. When we contacted the local tour in Belitung, we said we wanted to rent the car, driver, as well as the boat. So, we didn’t need to rent the boat separately. We rented the boat Rp500.000/boat/day. The time was flexible. We can arrange the time by ourselves. At that time, we started at 10am and finished at 3pm. We can do island hopping until 4pm, but because of raining, so at 3pm we had finished the island hopping.

Our journey was started from the hotel around 8.45am, then we thought we’ll had lunch inside the boat, so we bought the meal for our lunch. We bought rice boxes at the small Chinese restaurant. Around 1 hour journey, 09.50am, we arrived at Tanjung Kelayang Beach, the starting point of island hopping.

The small Chinese restaurant. The unique thing here is the rice boxes are wrapped with the leaves.
Across the Chinese restaurant, there’s a house of Chinese ancient style! Such an antique house.
On the way to Tanjung Kelayang
Tanjung Kelayang Pier
Swinging at Tanjung Kelayang

At Tanjung Kelayang Beach, there’s a toilet, so if you want to change your clothes, you can do it here. But because we’ll have some “photo session” so it’s better to change it later, when in Lengkuas Island. We can also change our clothes at Lengkuas Island since there’s a toilet too. Our driver, Mr. Wawan, was not joining us to do island hopping. He waited for us at Tanjung Kelayang Beach. While we’re gonna do the island hopping with our boat’s crews.

Let’s go!

The first island we visited was Bird Island. But we didn’t go inside the Island, only took pictures at the boat with the background of Bird Island. It is named as Bird Island because there are big granite rocks which look like a Bird’s head. The Bird’s head rocks has become the iconic beauty of granite rocks in Belitung.

Getting ready to go to Bird Island
Inside the boat πŸ˜€
Take pictures with the Bird Island
GB Girls, since 2010 πŸ˜€

The next island was Sand Island. Sand Island is one of the unique tourist attractions in Belitung. Well, this island will only appear during low tide. During high tide this island will be hidden under the sea. That is why, if you want to visit Sand Island, you must go in the morning. It is named as Sand Island, because in this island there’s only white and soft sand surrounded by beach with very clean and clear water. In Sand Island, we can also met Patrick Star.

Patrick Star
The beauty of Sand Island
Hahahihi with the girls πŸ˜€
Going to Lengkuas Island

We’re going to the next island, Lengkuas Island. When we arrived at Lengkuas Island, we had photo sessions here πŸ˜€ So many big granite rocks here, such a photogenic spot huh. When we took pictures, it’s suddenly raining! At first, it’s full of people, but because of raining, we’re the only one who did the photo sessions. So, the result was really good. It’s like the beach was less of people, but actually it’s full of people. LOL. There’s also an “Angel’s Pond” at Lengkuas Island. It’s a part of the beach surrounded by granite rocks. Unfortunately when we’re there, the Pond was receding. So we couldn’t swim at the “Angel’s Pond”.

The boats at Lengkuas Island
Enjoying the beauty of Lengkuas Island
Lengkuas Island with my girls
GB Girls

There’s a lighthouse at Lengkuas Island, which has 18th floor and built by the Dutch in 1882. It still maintains its main function today in guiding ships sailing through and out of the island of Belitung. Approximately 50 meters in height, it is as tall as a 12-storey building. We heard that we can go inside the lighthouse, so we can get a complete 360 degree view of the fascinating Island. But unfortunately when we’re there, it’s closed to public already, since a month ago. It’s because there are so many “Extortion” to go inside the lighthouse. So, it’s closed to public for a while. Dunno when it’ll be open again to the public.

The iconic light house at Lengkuas Island

After we took pictures, we went to the toilet to change our clothes. After changing clothes and preparing to do snorkeling, then the rain stopped. It’s our luck to do snorkeling in a bright weather πŸ˜€

GB Girls at Lengkuas Island
Had a lot of fun at Lengkuas Island. My “Beach” hair was done by my crazy friends.
Having fun with my girls on the beach πŸ˜€

So, Belitung has some good snorkeling spots: Lengkuas Island and Kepayang/Babi Island. We planned to do snorkel in Lengkuas Island first, then in Babi Island. From Lengkuas Island we took the boat for just a few minutes, then we arrived at the snorkeling spot. We were given the life jacket & snorkel as well as the instruction. But because I can swim, I didn’t wear the life jacket. And I’m the only one who can swim. So my other friends wore the life jacket. FYI, we rented the life jacket & snorkel for Rp20.000/person. This is the discounted price, while the normal price is Rp40.000/person. It depends on your ability to bargain πŸ˜›

Underwater in Lengkuas Island is still beautiful. I saw so many nemo fishes, as well as the coral reefs. And even there are some coral reefs which looked like a flower. Don’t worry about sea urchins. There are no sea urchins in Lengkuas Island. If there’s sea urchins, that means the ecosystem is already damaged. But here is still okay πŸ™‚

Snorkeling at Lengkuas Island
Nemo Fishes πŸ˜€
When we’re snorkeling…
Jeane on action πŸ˜›

After snorkeling at Lengkuas Island for about 1 hour 15 minutes, then we went to Kepayang/Babi Island to do snorkel. Kepayang Island is also called as Babi (Pig) Island. It is said there was a Pig Farm here, but some people said it’s because there’s a giant granite rock which look like a Pig. Dunno which one is true, but the point is it’s called Babi Island now. Babi Island consists of two islands, Babi Besar (Big Pig) Island and Babi Kecil (Small Pig) Island. Because the location is really near to each other, we can take a walk from Babi Kecil Island to Babi Besar Island. There’s a restaurant at Kepayang Island, it is said to be the only one restaurant in the small islands in Belitung. So, if you didn’t brought the packed meal, you can have lunch at Kepayang Island.

Babi Island

Snorkeling spot at Babi Island. Such a clear water, isn’t it?

At first we planned to do snorkel at Babi Island. It is said as the best spot to do snorkel in Belitung. But once we arrived at the snorkeling spot, my friends were afraid to do snorkeling. We can see the coral reefs clearly from the boat, it’s really beautiful and such a good spot for snorkeling. But since they’re afraid would touch the coral reefs, so we didn’t go snorkeling at Babi Island. Well at least, we did snorkeling anyway at Lengkuas Island.

Then we only visited Babi Besar Island to take the pictures and enjoy the scenery. So many giant granite rocks here. It’s different with the granite rocks in Lengkuas Island. It’s bigger than in Lengkuas Island. So, at that time I climbed into the highest rock here, and the scenery was really nice. So, it’s a sea below us. There’s a small forest too here. Such a beautiful scenery, isn’t it?

When we arrived at Babi Island
Swimming at Babi Island
Hello from Babi Island!
GB Girls on action

Around 2.15pm we left Babi Island and going to the next destination, Batu Berlayar and Kelayang Island. It is named as Batu Berlayar (Sailing Rock) because the in terms of appearance, the island is similar to a sailing boat. From Kepayang Island, it took around 10 minutes to go to Batu Berlayar Island. Kelayang Island is said as the beautiful island in Belitung. There are some caves and “Angel’s Pond”. The Angel’s Pond is quite the same as in Lengkuas Island. But here, it’s surrounded by the caves, not only the granite rocks. But unfortunately at that time when we’re going from Babi Island to Batu Berlayar and Kelayang Island, it’s raining so damn hard. And we’re so afraid something happened in the boat, so we decided to go back to Tanjung Kelayang Beach. So, we didn’t have any chance to visit Batu Berlayar Island and Kelayang Island.

It was 3pm already when we arrived at Tanjung Kelayang Beach. At that time, we hadn’t have lunch because we’re just too excited having fun at the beaches and snorkeling, so then we forgot to have lunch. Finally we had lunch when we’re arrived at the hotel.

Anyway, we also rented Gopro for a day, because none of us brought the underwater/action camera. So we rented it from our local tour, and it costs Rp100.000/day. Because we’re 4 persons, so it costs Rp25.000/day/person.

Overall, I’m really satisfied to do island hopping in Belitung. Belitung has so many beautiful small islands. Each island has its own characteristics. Bird Island with its bird’s granite rocks, Sand Island which only appearΒ  during low tide, Lengkuas Island with its Lighthouse and Angel’s Pond, Kepayang/Babi Island with its giant granite rocks, Batu Berlayar Island with its Sailing Boat’s granite rocks, and Kelayang Island with its exotic caves and Angel’s Pond.



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