Day 8 in Korea: Ehwa Womans University, Miss Lee Cafe, Jogyesa Temple, COEX Mall, Haneul Park


October 16th, 2016. Finally this eighth day was Free Timeee 😀 On this day we’re free to go anywhere we want, without discuss with our friends.

Because it’s free time, so we left the guesthouse around 11am. At first we’re separated into 2 groups, 1 group 2 persons, 1 group 3 persons. My group was with 3 persons. So three of us went together to Ehwa Womans University. From Hongdae to Ehwa, only passed 2 subway stations.

On the way to Ehwa Womans University
Ehwa Womans University

Ehwa Womans University is the first private women’s university in Seoul. It’s also famous of its shopping, because it’s an area for girls. So, there are so many shops that sell cheap clothes. Unfortunately I didn’t have any chance to go shopping around Ehwa. Most of the time was spent to take pictures inside Ehwa. Because it offers so beautiful views and gardens. No wonder why, it can be called as the prettiest university in Seoul.

Beautiful Ehwa Womans University

After left Ehwa, one of us wanted to go to SMTown, while me and one friend wanted to had lunch first at Miss Lee Cafe, then prayed at Jogyesa Temple because it was Sunday. The five of us have decided to meet again at COEX Mall.

We went to Miss Lee Cafe from Ehwa by subway. From Ehwa station, we stopped at Anguk Station exit 6. Because didn’t know the directions, we asked the local people on how to go to Miss Lee Cafe 별다방미스리. We have to show them the name of the place in Korean language, because if its in English, maybe they don’t know. Or we can also show them the address of the place. Finally we arrived at Miss Lee Cafe. It’s on the second floor, no wonder we didn’t realize it before 😛

Miss Lee Cafe

Miss Lee Cafe is one of the Instagrammable cafe in Seoul. The decorations are really cute. I love the interior design and the decorations in this cafe. Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun from Girls Generation have been dating here, when virtual marriage at MBC’s We Got Married.

Selfie with the cute waiter at Miss Lee Cafe 😛

The special menu of Miss Lee Cafe is Dosirak (lunch box). But because Dosirak is contained pork, so I ordered the other special menu, Hot Tteokbokki, which costs 5,900won. Because I shared the food with a friend, so I only spent 2,950won for lunch. The portion of Tteokbokki was quite big, suitable for 2 persons. And for those of you who love spicy food, this is your food! It’s really tasty.. But if you don’t like spicy, it’s better to order something else.

Byeldabang’s Special Hot Tteokbokki

After that, we went to Jogyesa Temple. I heard the temple is nearby Anguk Station. But we didn’t know the directions from Miss Lee Cafe. So we just took a random walk, and around 10 minutes later we found Jogyesa Temple.

Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa Temple is the center of Zen Buddhism in Korea. Because it was Sunday, so there are so many people pray in the temple. This temple wasn’t so big, but it’s beautiful. It’s free to go inside the temple. Not like the temples in China where we have to pay for the entrance fee. I also saw the bookstore here, and mostly it’s in Chinese language. I think because it’s a Zen Buddhism temple, so it’s adapted from China.


We spent around 1.5 hour at this temple. It’s actually because we’re waiting for the rain to stopped here. Because it didn’t stop raining, so we decided to go to COEX Mall, although we had to walk in the rain. Because we already had a promise to meet again with the others at COEX Mall.

We took the bus from Jogyesa Temple to COEX Mall for about 20 minutes. When we took the bus, actually we didn’t know where to stop. Fortunately we met a local, and she helped us. She would noticed us, once we arrived at COEX Mall bus stop. And around 5.30pm, we arrived at COEX Mall. While waiting for our friends, we took pictures at SMTown COEX Atrium. For those of you who are K-Pop lovers, you should check this one out too 😀 Inside the SMTown COEX Atrium, the wifi was really good. Finally we reunited again with one of my friend. But the others couldn’t come to COEX Mall. They said, it’s better to met at Haneul Park. Because after COEX Mall, we wanted to go to Haneul Park.



COEX Mall is the largest underground mall in Asia. The area is about 85,000 square meters with 250 stores. I found “The Place” restaurant here. I was so familiar with the name of this restaurant, and it’s true, this restaurant provides the famous “Bomb Pizza”. Even though this is actually an Italian restaurant, but I guess “The Bomb Pizza” is only available in Seoul. So, I gave it a try. We ordered Bomb Pizza and Spaghetti here.

Actually we’re here while waiting one of my Korean friend. When I was in Beijing 2014/2015, I have some close Korean friends. So when I visited Korea, I didn’t forget to contact them again to do reunion. Although not all of them are available at that time, but I was really happy I could meet some of them again.

We’re starving already, so we decided to eat first and leave some Pizza for my Korean friend. When my Korean friend arrived, we started to tell our life after go back from Beijing by using Chinese Mandarin language. My other friends couldn’t speak Mandarin, so they couldn’t join the conversations. And my Korean friend couldn’t speak English too, so I became a “translator” that time. LOL

After that, we went to Haneul Park by using online Taxi which ordered by my Korean friend. After arrived at Haneul Park, the five of us finally reunited again.

Haneul Park

Haneul Park is one of five parks in World Cup Park. From this park, we can see the beautiful view of Seoul city. To reach Haneul Park, we have to climb 290 stairs. So, it can be said, Haneul Park is one of the best spot to enjoy the Seoul cityscape.

290 stairs to go to Haneul Park

It was 8.30pm when we arrived at Haneul Park, and we did some “sport” at night. But it’s good, so our body wasn’t that cold. When we climbed, suddenly we saw the fireworks from a distance. Waaaa, so beautiful! Really happy I can see the fireworks so clearly with the background of Seoul city at night. I think it’s because it was the last day of Seoul Eulalia Festival.  The festival was held every October each year. For 2016, the festival was held from October 7th – October 16th, 2016.

Seoul Night View with Fireworks
Seoul Night View
I love Seoul

Our main purpose to Haneul Park was actually to see the Seoul Eulalia Festival. And we visited on the last day of the festival. At that time, it was dark and quite. And I started to think, is the festival closed already? Finally we asked the local people there. Fortunately the park is still opened, and we just need to go straight.

Finally we arrived at Haneul Park. Actually Seoul Eulalia Festival in Haneul Park is not beautiful as I thought before.. But I think if I go there at afternoon, maybe Haneul Park is so beautiful.

Haneul Park during Seoul Eulalia Festival
Seoul Eulalia Festival

It was 9.15pm when the five of us reunited again. There’re some local people who walked in this park. Mostly they’re couple. Because it’s night already, so my Korean friend needed to go back home. But she could spare of her time for about 15-20 minutes again with us. Because on the next day, she must go to work at the early morning. After she went back home, the five of us still took pictures until the park was getting closed at 10pm.

From Korea with Love. Saranghae~

with one of my Korean best friend, Jieun 😀
Friendship between Indonesian and Korean

From Haneul Park, we went back to Hongdae to find night snacks. And we found a restaurant, named Noona Holdak, or Oven Chicken & Beer in Hongdae area. Even though it was 11.50pm already, but the restaurant was still full of young people. Because we’re already tired, so we didn’t order the beer. It’s actually better if we ate chicken with beer, that’s why it’s named Oven Chicken & Beer. This is one of the famous Korean foods. We ordered 2 kinds of oven chickens. It’s all really tasty! 😀 Recommended one! Never regret to eat something like this at night. Diet? Forget about it~~

Noona Holdak – Oven Chicken & Beer
Inside the restaurant
Noo Na Holdak

Finally around 1am, we went back to the guesthouse. And our eighth day in Korea was closed perfectly 😀


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