Colmar Tropicale, French Resort in Bukit Tinggi Malaysia

At that time I traveled to Malaysia for 4 days with my family. Our main destination is KL. When I plan a vacation, I usually always look for unique and interesting destinations. While browsing, I found this Colmar Tropicale in the Bukit Tinggi area. It is located not too far from KL. I immediately put this in our itinerary.

Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale is actually a resort / hotel located in Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. This resort is made like in a French village called Colmar. I myself have always really wanted to go to Colmar, France. Because of that he said one of the most beautiful villages in France. In fact many said that the village that inspired the village of the film Beauty and the Beast! 😀 When I went to France, I didn’t have the chance to go there. Because of that, I went to “Colmar”, which was in Malaysia first 😛

From what I read on the internet, people said Colmar Tropicale is good at night. Because there are lights that adorn this “village”. It seems like it really is in Colmar. But because we did not stay at this Colmar Tropicale, we could not enjoy Colmar Tropicale at night.

To get to Colmar Tropicale from KL is very easy, by taking the shuttle bus from Berjaya Times Square. From Berjaya Times Square to Colmar Tropicale takes about 1 hour drive, if not jammed. As explained on their official website, here is the shuttle bus schedule:

Berjaya Times Square (Hotel Entrance West Wing) to Colmar Tropicale Colmar Tropicale (Hotel Lobby) to Berjaya Times Square
09.30 08.00
12.00 10.45
17.15 16.00
20.30 19.30

For the price is below: 
Shuttle bus Return: Adult RM 60 and Child RM 55.
One way from Berjaya Times Square to Colmar Tropicale: Adult/Child RM 38.
One way from Colmar Tropicale to Berjaya Times Square: Adult/Child RM 28.
Price has include entrance ticket to Japanese Village and Botanical Garden.

I check this shuttle bus ticket can only be purchased by email to Even in Klook there is no ticket for this shuttle bus. In Klook there is only a tour package there. Because my family and I wanted to go alone, I also emailed directly to his Colmar Tropicale to reserve shuttle bus tickets. I chose a schedule that goes from KL to Colmar at 12.00, then returns from Colmar to KL at 19.30.

The payment method can use a bank deposit to their Maybank account or use a credit card. At that time I chose to use a credit card. Then they asked me to fill out a credit card authorization form, and had to send them photocopies of my credit cards front and back. After confirmed, I got the Shuttle Service Booking Form from them. It is said that this form must be exchanged for a physical ticket at their Kuala Lumpur Ticketing Office, which is located at Berjaya Times Square Mall on the 8th floor.

Email confirmation from Colmar Tropicale

On D-day, we arrived at Berjaya Times Square at around 10:00 because we planned to eat here first. From what I read on the internet, most of them recommend to eat first in KL, because food at Colmar Tropicale is expensive. But before eating, we went to the 8th floor to exchange physical tickets for the shuttle bus. Uh it turns out when we went to the 8th floor it was very quiet, there were no people at all.

At that moment, there were 2 tourists who seemed to want to enter the office too. It turns out that they are Indonesian too, originally from Medan 😀 They haven’t bought the ticket, they just want to buy it there, but it turns out the office is on vacation. I told them that I had already bought online, direct email to They just found out that it turns out the shuttle bus ticket can be ordered online. Good thing I already ordered first. So I went straight to the shuttle bus pick-up point, which was in front of the Berjaya Times Square Hotel entrance. If you don’t know exactly where, you can ask the shuttle bus security to get to Colmar.

Next we were looking for food. It turns out that food there is also not as cheap as I imagined. Expensive like a mall in Jakarta as well. Actually, it’s just the same, want to eat here or at Colmar Tropicale. Because we were afraid the shuttle bus was on time, we ended up just packing food. Eh it turns out that this shuttle bus is late. It’s the same as in Indonesia 🙁

Left: Shuttle Bus KL-Colmar Tropicale, Right: Shuttle Bus inside the area Colmar Tropicale

When the shuttle bus arrived, I showed the shuttle service booking form. My name has actually also been recorded by them. Then I was given a physical ticket and then entered the shuttle bus along with other tourists. After an hour’s drive, we arrived at Colmar Tropicale. But apparently we did not go straight in there, we were told to take the bus again to the Japanese Garden by our driver. Arriving at the Japanese Garden, which is located still in this complex, we were faced with several choices. Want to Japanese Garden, or Botanical Garden.

Japanese Garden
La Familia 😀

We also chose Japanese Garden first. Here we can use Kimono. If I’m not mistaken the price is 20 RM per person. Finally, my mom and I tried to wear this kimono. But unfortunately at that time there were many visitors. The result of photos were not good because there are too many people. I personally do not like this Japanese Garden, because the place is so-so. Nothing special. Don’t feel the Japanese atmosphere too.

Jeane in action

After taking photos in kimono, we went back downstairs to wait for the shuttle bus from the Japanese Garden to the Colmar Tropicale. In fact, we forgot to not visit the Botanical Garden while there. Because the shuttle bus is waiting for quite a long time, we also had lunch there.

Looking at Colmar Tropicale

Finally after the shuttle bus arrived, we immediately headed to Colmar Tropicale. From the outside it looks magnificent. Once inside, I didn’t expect this to be so small. Not much to explore here. There are many restaurants, cafes, street vendors too. But indeed the hotel and atmosphere are made similar to those in France. Although I have never been to Colmar, but I have been to villages in France too. The shape of the house is like that.

Because our shuttle bus is around 19:30, we waited a long time at Colmar Tropicale. If we know this, we should choose the one who returns at 16.00. I was so bored, we were sleepy waiting for the shuttle bus to return to KL again.

When it’s 18.00 the sky begins to turn dark. The lights have started to turn on. It feels like I wanna to be here until the night to enjoy the atmosphere. But we have to go back to KL again. Maybe one day when I immediately visit the original Colmar village. 😀

When the sky starts to dark 🙂


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