Catching the Sunset in Belitung


As we already know, Belitung is divided into 2 regencies: West Belitung and East Belitung. As sunset is always in the west, so logically we should watch the sunset in West Belitung. But I have a story, when I was on the way from East Belitung to West Belitung. At that time, we were still in East Belitung. Then from our car, we suddenly saw the sun was so big and rounded with orange reddish color at the end of the road. It was actually the time for sunset, around 5.30 pm. So, at that time we saw the sunset from inside the car, not in a beach. But yeah, it was one of the most beautiful sunset in Belitung for us.

Watching the sunset during our way from East Belitung to West Belitung

Because we only had 4 days 3 nights in Belitung, so only had chance to catch sunset 3 times. The first one was in the car which I told already above. In the next days, we were catching the sunset at the beach in West Belitung: Tanjung Pendam Beach and Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

Tanjung Pendam Beach is so famous of its beautiful sunset. Yeah, this beach is the best spot to watch the sunset in Belitung. It’s also the nearest beach from Tanjung Pandan city. At that time we had late lunch in Mie Atep Belitung in Tanjung Pandan city, before went to Tanjung Pendam Beach. It took around 20 minutes from Mie Atep Belitung to Tanjung Pendam Beach. We arrived at Tanjung Pendam Beach at around 5.20 pm. While waiting for the sunset, we took pictures first at Tanjung Pendam. Well, the beach is actually not as good as other beaches in Belitung and it’s quite dirty. But the sunset was incredible here!

Strolling around Tanjung Pendam Beach
Waiting for Sunset at Tanjung Pendam

Around 5.47 pm, the sun was shy enough to come out. It’s still behind the clouds. We worried enough, can we watch the beautiful sunset at Tanjung Pendam Beach? Finally 3 minutes later, 5.50 pm, the sun was slowly came out from behind the clouds. We immediately captured the moments with Tanjung Pendam’s sunset. The sunset was going very fast, only about 3-4 minutes.

The sunset in Tanjung Pendam Beach
Me and Tanjung Pendam’s Sunset
GB Girls at Tanjung Pendam Beach

It’s different with the sunset at Tanjung Tinggi Beach. Based on our experience, sunset at Tanjung Tinggi Beach was not beautiful as the sunset at Tanjung Pendam Beach. But the beach itself is much more beautiful than Tanjung Pendam Beach. It’s a clean beach, white and soft sand, and has so many big and colorful granite rocks. The beach which located near Tanjung Kelayang Beach is the filming location of Rainbow Troops (or often called as Rainbow Troops’ Beach) and also our favorite beach.

Our driver, Mr. Wawan, took us to the best spot (Mr. Wawan’s version) to watch the sunset at Tanjung Tinggi Beach. The spot was actually nice, less of people, and has so many rocks. But unfortunately the sunset was not appear. We can only saw the orange clouds. Around 5.24 pm, we took the pictures with the orange clouds. Then, around 5.46 pm, we left Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

Sunset at Tanjung Tinggi Beach
Our kind of Yoga Poses 😀
Tanjung Tinggi Beach when the sunset was over

Actually there’s one place in Belitung which famous enough to watch the sunset: Bukit Berahu Beach. But unfortunately, because we only had 3 chances of sunset, so we couldn’t enjoy the sunset at Bukit Berahu Beach. The beach which located above the hill is considered belong to Tanjung Binga Village (West Belitung Regency). To get into Bukit Berahu Beach, we have to climb down approx. 62 stairs. We can enjoy the sunset from below or above the hill.


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