Bordeaux to St. Foy La Grande by TER Regional Train

TER is a train in France that connects big cities and small towns in various parts of France. TER is a regional train, not a high speed train like TGV.

At that time I had the opportunity to take the TER regional train from Bordeaux to St. Foy La Grande. This is actually a continuation of the TGV Paris – Bordeaux story. So when we got to Bordeaux, we immediately went on the TER Bordeaux – St. Foy La Grande. In Bordeaux we didn’t even have the chance to travel yet, so we only transit in Bordeaux.

Initially we had no plans to take this TER train, because the plan was from Bordeaux we had already been picked up by someone to our destination in the Dordogne region. But apparently because nobody could pick us up, so we had to take the train to St. Foy La Grande, after that someone picked us up at the train station. We also had to buy train tickets on the spot at the Bordeaux St. Jean train station. 

Bordeaux St. Jean Station

After getting off the TGV Paris – Bordeaux at 13.56 pm, we immediately looked for ways on how to buy train tickets on the spot at the Bordeaux St.Jean train station. Luckily there was a friend of my cousin who could speak French, so he asked the Information section at the station. This is the first time he bought train tickets directly at the station. Usually always buy train tickets online. It turns out that buying train tickets there is really complicated! Bordeaux St. Jean Train Station is also big and spacious. I was also confused where the Information section was, where the train ticket sales counter was.

Ticket Sales Counter at Bordeaux St. Jean Station

Finally, after getting information from the Information section, we immediately headed to the ticket sales counter located at the far end of the station. We also got a queue number, but the queue is super duper long. Finally we decided to try to buy tickets from the engine. At first I was confused too, because the transaction failed. But we keep trying, finally we can do that! Tickets for 7 people are worth 100.8 Euros, meaning per person is 14.4 Euros (or around Rp230,400). The transaction at that time were using a credit card, because if cash could be even more complicated. The ticket turned out to still have to be Validated again. There is one special machine for ticket validation. If it has not been validated, the ticket cannot be used. So remember, after buying a train ticket, the ticket must be validated again. It’s complicated right?! If you buy online, you can directly show your e-ticket, just like I did when riding the TGV Paris – Bordeaux train.

Ticket machine to buy train tickets

Train tickets and machine for validation

After ticket validation, we immediately headed to Paul Bakery & Cafe for late lunch. We haven’t had lunch at all, fortunately there’s Paul, located right in front of the Bordeaux station. In France everything is fast paced and must be fast. The habit in Indo, if you choose food it usually takes a long time to choose. The seller has asked us many times, what do we want to buy, but we still haven’t decided yet. Finally after ordering, we immediately find a place to sit. Yeah, finally I tasted the typical French Baguette. Pain Au Chocolat too, aka the typical French Chocolate Bread, which costs 1.5 Euros. We bought quite a lot of the bread too, for the seven of us spent 46 Euros (or around Rp736,000).

Paul Bordeaux St. Jean Interior

After having late lunch, there is still an hour to wait for our train schedule. Then I think to take a city train, but because the family felt the time was too tight, so finally we just waited at the station. Too bad even though I want to tour the city of Bordeaux too. Maybe next time! 🙂

City Train Bordeaux, which will take you go around Bordeaux 

When at the Bordeaux St. Jean Train Station, I feel like in the Jakarta City station. The building is old, majestic, and beautiful! But of course, this station is better than the Jakarta City station: P

Gare Bordeaux St. Jean entrance

Gare Bordeaux St. Jean

Inside Bordeaux St. Jean station

Waiting room at Bordeaux St. Jean station. It’s a cozy place, and most importantly have Free WiFi here

Finally around 16:00, our train arrived. We immediately rushed to the train, because we certainly carried out carrying large and heavy suitcases. The TER regional train is certainly smaller than the TGV fast train. The seats are mostly for four of us, facing each other, but there are no tables or lamps, unlike the TGV. There is a special place to put the luggage too.

Inside TER Regional Train

The TER Regional Train is small, but comfortable, like an Executive Train. The trip takes about 1 hour and a half. From the train, you can see the view of the rice fields. It looks like the view from Paris to Bordeaux. And finally around 17:30 we arrived at the train station St. Foy La Grande. From there we were picked up to our destination in the Dordogne area 🙂

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