Autumn in South Korea

Yellow and Red Leaves in Seoul

Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year. The beauty of the leaves that changed from green to yellow, then to red, always attracts me. I still remember how was my first autumn when I was in Beijing 2014. At that time I made a promise to myself that I’ll meet Autumn again, but perhaps in different country. And finally in 2016 I met again with Autumn in South Korea. People said if you go to South Korea, the best time to visit is when Autumn. Maybe it looks like in K-Drama, so romantic 😛 LOL!

That’s why when I booked the flight ticket, I chose the flight in October. But I think I chose the wrong dates. At that time, I chose in the early of October (October, 8th – October, 19th 2016). Well, I should chose the date in the late of October until early of November, where the season of Peak Autumn. Early of October until Middle of October is still considered as Early Autumn. But yea, it’s too late, I booked the flight ticket already and couldn’t re-schedule. At least in Korea I still can see the beauty of Maple and Ginkgo leaves in Autumn.

As quoted from The Official Site of Korea Tourism, Autumn in Korea is lasting from September through November, the mild days of fall make it the most pleasant time of the year. The temperature varies greatly from day to night. The mountains, when blanketed with vivid golden and red autumnal leaves under the clear blue sky, are breathtaking.

Before I went to Korea, I made a research about the best places to visit in South Korea to enjoy the beauty of Autumn. So I have made a list of it. But because the time was limited, so I only went to some places. Below are my list of best places to visit in South Korea (mostly in Seoul) to enjoy the beauty of Autumn, based on my own experiences and my research on the internet.

1. Nami Island

Nami Island is a very popular place in South Korea, and it’s because of the influence of K-Drama too. It’s the drama’s shooting location, Winter Sonata. Nami Island is beautiful in Autumn and Winter. When I went there in the early of Autumn (early of October), there are a lot of green leaves, but some of it also have yellow leaves. The place was so romantic, and even I saw a pre-wedding photo session here. The point is, Nami Island is a must visit! 😉

Prewed Photo Session in Nami Island
Winter Sonata

2. Mt. Seoraksan / Seoraksan National Park

Mt. Seoraksan / Seoraksan National Park must be one of your bucket list if you visit South Korea. Because here you can enjoy the beauty of Maple leaves. Perhaps you can see Maple trees in another places in South Korea, but in Seoraksan National Park, there are a lot of Maple trees. It’s like Maple trees village 😉

At that time, I saw Maple trees which have red leaves. And then, I also saw the Maple leaves were growing spread on the walls of the rocks at the temple in Mt.Seoraksan. I really really love Maple leaves! And Mt. Seoraksan is a must must visit during Autumn 😉

Maple Leaves in Korea

3. Yeouido Hangang Park

Yeouido Hangang Park which located besides Han River is really beautiful during Autumn. This park is also a place for local people to gather together to have some rest and enjoy the view, do some sport, and various kinds of cultural activities.

Imagine you walk in a garden which on your left side is a river view and on your right side is a garden view with so many kinds of trees. If its in Autumn, the weather is cool and a bit windy. Not so cold, and not so hot. Perfect!

Ginkgo Leaves in Korea
Spot a pretty bird at Yeouido Hangang Park
Enjoying the garden

4. Ehwa Womans University

Ehwa Womans University is the prettiest university in Seoul. Not only because it’s a woman university, but also because the view of this university is so pretty. At that time when I was there, the trees were still green, but some of it were already yellow and red.

On the way to Ehwa Woman’s University

I love to stroll around Ehwa Womans University

5. Gyeongui Line Forest Park

Gyeongui Line Forest Park is found by myself when I was in Seoul. Before go to Korea, I didn’t know about this place at all. But since this park is located nearby our guesthouse in Hongdae area, so I know this park. Everyday when I was in Korea, I always passed through this park. So this park is so memorable to me. This park is so beautiful in Autumn. Because there’s a Ginkgo Trees Line.

Because I passed through this park everyday, I had a chance to see by my own eyes, how’s the differences of the leaves color from green to yellow. At that time I arrived in Korea (October 9th, 2016), the trees in Gyeongui Line Forest Park were still green. Then, day by day it changed to yellow.

Gyeongui Line Forest Park
Ginkgo Trees 😀

6. Sinsadong Garosu-gil

Garosu-gil is the must-visit place in Seoul during Autumn. Garosu-gil, literally means “Street with Trees”, so this street is full of trees. If its in Autumn, there’s a Ginkgo Tree-Line Street. So you can enjoy the beauty of Ginkgo trees, and can take Instagrammable photos here.

Such a pity, I didn’t have any chance to visit Sinsadong Garosu-gil last time.

Sinsa dong Garosu-gil, Source:

7. Samcheongdong

Samcheongdong is similar with Garosu-gil. There are Ginkgo Tree-Line Street here. Samcheongdong is a street that connects Gyeongbokgung and National Folk Museum. Samcheongdong is really beautiful in Spring Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Ginkgo Trees. People said it’s a must visit during Autumn, and especially for those of you who like to go to the cafes. This is the place where has so many cafes and art galleries.

Such a pity, I also didn’t have any chance to visit Samcheongdong last time. But, if I have a chance to visit South Korea again in Autumn, I have to go to Samcheongdong and Sisadong Garosu-gil.

Samcheongdong, Source:


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