Name: Uwa Guesthouse
Address: 96, World Cup buk-ro 6-gil, Seoul, South Korea
Direction: Hongik Univ Subway Station Exit 3. You’ll see Gyeongui Line Forest Park in front of you, turn left, then go straight until the end of the road, turn left and cross the road. Turn right until you see CU Convenient Store, then cross the road. Uwa Guesthouse is in your left.
Price: This could be range. We got 13.000 Won (or Rp156.000) per night per person in 8 bed mixed dorms.

In Seoul, there are a lot of cheap yet cozy guesthouse. About the area of guesthouse, a lot of youth people choose to stay at Hongdae area. Because Hongdae is actually an area for youth people. There are so many cafes, restaurants, street musicians, etc. And also there’s a university in Hongdae, named Hongik University.

So, we also chose to stay around Hongdae area during our trip to Seoul for 10 days. At that time we chose to book the guesthouse from for cheaper price. We then found some choices of guesthouse in Seoul, among of them are Uwa Guesthouse, Kimchee Guesthouse, etc. And finally our decision was at Uwa Guesthouse which has very good reviews, the rooms also looked so nice and tidy, the bathrooms looked so clean, the interior design looked so cute (similar like in a cafe), and the most important thing is the location is near the subway station (5-10 minutes walking distance). And yeess, it’s all true. I love to stay in Uwa Guesthouse, and I recommend you to stay there too. It’s really a nice guesthouse 🙂

At that time we’re 5 persons, 3 girls and 2 boys. We chose to stay in a mixed dorms, 8 bed mixed dorms, with bunk beds. Because we’re 5 persons in total, so 3 other guests are the strangers for us. At first, we also didn’t know if its he/she, where do they come from, etc. And it’s my first time experience to stay in a mixed dorm like this.

Our room, 8 beds mixed dorm

I couldn’t believe it’s super fun to stay in a mixed dorm like this, so that we could met the other fellow travelers from all over the world. At that time, our roommates came from Hongkong, Thailand, and England. After go back to the guesthouse, we usually had a sharing session with them. Sharing about our journey in Korea, what places we visited on the day, or what places we would visit on the next day, and even sharing about our own country, and so many other topics. I also introduced Indonesia to them, and even gave them “Indomie” or Indonesian instant noodles 😀

Our bedtime stories with the Hongkong guy 🙂

Oktober, 9th 2016. The first day we arrived in Seoul. After out from Incheon Airport, we headed straight to Uwa Guesthouse by using Subway. From Incheon Airport to Hongdae took around 1 hour, without any transits.

And the story is now begun..

Once arrived at Uwa Guesthouse, we were welcomed by Uwa Staff named Josh. He explained us about Uwa’s regulations and everything about Uwa. For example, we got breakfast every morning, what time we can had the breakfast, where we can put the plates and glasses, and so forth. He also took us a tour in Uwa, where is the bathrooms, and so forth. He also explained us where the available beds for the five of us. His English is very good. He is also a friendly and fun person 🙂

Uwa has 4 floors. First floor is the living room, kitchen, 1 room for 8 beds mixed dorm, sharing bathrooms (women and men are separated). The toilets and bathrooms are also separated. On the second floor, it’s a dorm only for female. On the third floor, it’s mostly a dorm for sharing house. But there are also private rooms for guests, I don’t remember which floors have the private rooms. On the forth floor, it’s actually a rooftop. This is also the place for drying clothes. The washing machine is available here. We can do a laundry in Uwa rooftop.

Uwa 2nd Floor
Uwa 2nd Floor
Room in 2nd Floor
A lot of comics here
Uwa 3rd Floor
Uwa 3rd Floor
Washing Machine
Uwa Rooftop
The Stairs from 2nd floor to 1st floor
Woman’s Toilet
Woman’s Bathroom

Living Room, this is how it looks like when we enter Uwa
Living Room

Uwa provides us a free towel, but I prefer to use my own towel. They also provide hairdryer, laptop (important to transfer the photos from camera), and also umbrellas to be borrowed. Breakfast is started from 8-10am on the first floor (kitchen). The breakfast choices are plain bread with Skippy and Strawberry jam and the butter, Korean Instant Noodles, Eggs (boil by yourself). They also provide the drinks: mineral water, orange juice, milk powder, etc. There’s also a fridge, microwave, oven, rice cooker, kettle, etc. We can use them all. It’s complete in Uwa. It’s just like our second home :))

The Kitchen

You can use this laptop anytime!
When we enter Uwa

Uwa is like a boarding house in Indonesia. There are some Korean people who sharing the house. They are not the staffs, however they’re staying there for a while and pay the fees. Anyway, all of Uwa staffs are still young, some of them are part-time staffs. And mostly their English are very good.

Every night, there are a lot of people gather together in the living room. Most of  them are Korean people, Uwa staffs and the sharing house, but there are some guests who also mingle with them. When we were there, almost every night they’re practicing dance. I don’t know exactly what the purpose of it, is it for having fun or what. That’s the night’s activity here.

And for the morning’s activity is Breakfast. Breakfast time is the time for us to get to know of the other Uwa guests. At that time I get acquaintance with Malaysian, Germany, and even fellow Indonesian travelers who also stayed at Uwa. It was so fun to meet them all.

The five of us who stayed at room number 101, almost every nights were noisy, full of giggling sounds. The rules are actually shouldn’t be noisy after 11pm, shouldn’t packed our things, because it can disturb other people who want to sleep. If want to talk, it’s better to talk outside the room, maybe in the living room. At first we couldn’t stop that habit. But after a few days we stayed there, we stopped that habit. Because felt a bit guilty to our roommates. Well, it’s actually a bad habit of Indonesian people. LOL.

There’s a playground which located right behind Uwa. From our room’s window we can also see the playground. Sometimes I saw some kids were playing there, also along with their parents, and even their grandparents. Around Uwa there’s a convenient store, like CU or GS25. There’s also a park named Gyeongui Line Forest Park which located near Hongik Univ station exit 3. So everyday we definitely passed through the park. At night, this park is crowded of local people, mostly of young people. They usually had a picnic or just relaxing here. It’s so quiet, not like the Hongik Univ which bustling with noise and street musicians. The atmosphere around Uwa is peaceful, quite, and calm.

Hongdae Playground
CU Convenient Store
Gyeongui Line Forest Park
In front of Uwa Guesthouse

Oktober, 18th 2016. It’s our last day in Seoul, and also the last day in Uwa. It’s so sad to leave Seoul, to leave Uwa. We had so many good memories there. We stayed there for the whole 10 days, without moved around other guesthouses. So, it’s more memorable. Therefore, we wrote a farewell note to Uwa, and then it was taped on the wall at Uwa first floor. There are a lot of similar notes which was taped on the wall. It tells about the experience of staying at Uwa.

Overall, I really enjoy my stay in Uwa Guesthouse. I’d like to give the ratings 4.5 of 5. Friendly & fun staff (as well as the owner), great location, clean bathroom, warm bedroom, comfortable bed, cozy living room, nice interior decoration, nice breakfast, good Wifi, and so many more. And what I like the most is the people who stay in Uwa. Thanks so much Uwa! Till we meet again 🙂

with the Owner of Uwa Guesthouse, Mr. Kim Jae Ho
Saranghae, Uwa!

But, the most beautiful things in life are not things. They’re people, and places, memories, and pictures. They’re feelings and moments and smiles and laughter



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