A Family Road Trip From Java to Bali: Day 3 in East Java and Bali (Banyuwangi, Gilimanuk, Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Krisna)


20.07.2016. As I mentioned in the previous post, we’re stuck inside the room. The key of the door was broken. So, we went outside of the room by climbing up the window. My parents also did that. Such an unforgettable experience for us.

Okay, so we left from the villa in Paiton at around 7am. Then, we stopped at Situbondo to had a breakfast. There’s a restaurant, named “Rumah Makan Srikandi” in Situbondo. I ordered Nasi Bakmoy Ayam (Sautéed Chicken-Tofu, Shrimp Balls & Braised Egg Over Rice), Rp15.000. It’s cheap and tastes good as well 🙂

Nasi Bakmoy Ayam

Then, continued our journey to Banyuwangi, the easternmost end of Java Island. It serves as a port (Ketapang port) between Java and Bali. We arrived at the port of Ketapang at around 11am. Ferry tarif: Rp140.000 per car (6 people inside), from Java (Ketapang) to Bali (Gilimanuk). It took around 30-45 minutes to get to Bali from Java. On the ferry, I met some Holland guys who were traveling across Indonesia. Before go to Bali, they went to Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bromo, and Kawah Ijen. I also suggested that they should go to Lombok. It’s nice to have conversations with them. This is one of my favorite when I travel, make new friends as much as possible.

The road that leads to the port of Ketapang
Cars, Truck, Motorcycle inside the Ferry
with dad and Holland guys 😀

Right after we arrived at Gilimanuk Bali at around 12pm, we had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Gilimanuk, “Warung Betutu Bu Lina”. It serves “Ayam Betutu”, the must-eat when you’re in Bali. The restaurant is nearby the port of Gilimanuk. We spent Rp205.000 for 6 people to eat in this restaurant.

Ayam Betutu
Ayam Betutu, served with vegetable, peanuts, and sambal (chili)

Our stomach was already full. Then we explored Bali by car. In Bali, you can’t explore by public transportation. You can only rent car or motorcycle, or take online taxi (Grab, Uber). Our destination was to go to Bedugul (Pura Ulun Danu Beratan).

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan is a major Shivaite and water temple on Bali, Indonesia. It is an iconic image of Bali, featured in the previous Rp50.000 bank note. It is both a famous picturesque landmark and a significant temple complex located on the western side of the Beratan Lake in Bedugul, central Bali. The entrance fee of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan was Rp40.000 for 6 people. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan is really a must-visit if you go to Bali. It’s not only has beautiful landscape, but it feels so peaceful and quiet. Well, it’s a temple right? No wonder I have that feelings. It’s almost dark when we left Pura Beratan.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan
The picture of mine in Pura Beratan and Rp50.000 bank note

Mom and dad in Pura Beratan

Before go to the hotel, we stopped at Krisna (Bali’s souvenir shop) to buy some souvenir. Krisna is one of the most popular souvenir shop in Bali. It’s cheap! Quality is okay. If you’re looking for cheap souvenirs in Bali, you’d better to shop here. But if you’re looking for better qualities, you’d better to shop at Joger. Review will be up in the next post. So, we bought a lot of cheap souvenirs in Krisna, for example slippers, scarfs, T-shirt, etc.

After shopping in Krisna, we’re going to our hostel in Denpasar. That’s all for today.

Conclusion of our journey on 3rd day: Paiton (East Java) – Denpasar (Bali)


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