A Family Road Trip From Java to Bali: Day 2 in Central Java and East Java (Kudus, Kwan Sing Bio Temple Tuban)


19.07.2016. We left from our villa in Bandungan at 7am. Then, we had breakfast first in Kudus, Central Java, before go to East Java. We ate Soto Kudus which is a must-eat when you’re in Kudus. It’s one of my favorite dishes in Central Java.

Welcome to East Java Province!

At 12.45pm we arrived in East Java Province. Our first stop in East Java was in Tuban Regency, the city lying in the north coast of East Java. It’s because we wanted to go to the famous temple in Tuban, named Kwan Sing Bio Temple.

The worship place of Kwan Sing Bio temple is predicted to have been built in the seventh century and it was also believed to have high supernatural quality, therefore lots of Hindu pilgrims visit there daily, especially on holidays of Chinese calendar Imlek and the birthday of Kwan Ping Thai Tjoe, Kwan Sing Tee Koen, and Tjoe pjong Tiang Koen. The temple faces northward to the seashore.

The Indonesian Chinese communities believe that God will easily grant every prayer spelt in this direction. One of its uniqueness is the giant crab standing on the gateway, and such a kind of this is away from the custom since most of the temples have symbol of dragon and peacock.

Because of its location,¬†on the north shore area, the weather is really hot. You’d better use sunblock and wear sunglasses. The temple is quite big and beautiful. There’s a small lake inside the temple.

One of the interesting thing here is they provide free food for visitors! So if you haven’t had lunch or dinner, you can have it inside the temple. At that time, we also had lunch inside this temple. It’s just a simple Vegetarian meal.

Kwan Sing Bio Temple
Jalan R.E. Martadinata No.1, Kabupaten Tuban, Jawa Timur 62314

Around 3pm, we left this temple and continued our journey. We still didn’t know where we’re going to sleep tonight. Just follow the road~

I guess it’s already 11pm, and at that time we were in Paiton District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java. So, we’re looking for hotel/hostel/guesthouse to sleep that night. In the dark of the night, finally we found a villa. It looks nice from the outside. Inside is okay too. So we decided to stay over here for a night.

But.. there’s a problem! When we wanted to go to sleep, we locked the room from the inside. Then, it couldn’t unlock again. So, we’re stuck inside the room. We’re trying to call the staffs of the villa. They also couldn’t help us. Because it’s already mid-night, it’s better to sleep then think about how we can go outside of the room by tomorrow.

Conclusion of our journey on the 2nd day: Bandungan (Central Java) – Paiton (East Java)


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