8 Things To Do in Tianjin

Tianjin is one of metropolitan city that continues to grow following the pace of development of Beijing and Shanghai city. The location is very near with Beijing, and it makes Tianjin become one of the must-visit city if you go to Beijing. It takes around 20-30 minutes by high speed train from Beijing.

So below are the things to do in Tianjin (Jeane’s version). Let’s check it out.

1. Shopping at Ancient Culture Street Tianjin

Ancient Culture Street Tianjin

Ancient Culture Street Tianjin 天津古文化街 is an area which has a lot of shops with ancient Chinese style nuance. There are a lot of souvenir shops and street vendors who sell traditional Chinese street foods with a much cheaper price. The point is you can buy Chinese stuffs here. In accordance with name, you can also feel ancient China atmosphere in this Ancient Culture Street.

Name: Ancient Culture Street Tianjin 天津古文化街
Transportation: [Bus]
1. Take bus no. 1, 605, 609, 610, 619, 632, 633, 641, 646, 670, 671, 804, 849, 904, 908, 954 or sightseeing bus no. 2 and get off at Dongbeijiao Station.
2. Take bus no. 4, 12, 333, 461, 600, 658, 659, 675, 681, 856, 861, 863, 878, 903, 907 or 913 and get off at Dongmalu Station.

2. Europe in Tianjin: Five Great Avenues
Tianjin has a lot of places with European style, and “Five Great Avenues” is one of them. Five Great Avenues is an area in Tianjin where has 5 parallel streets from east to west. The name of these five streets come from 5 cities in the Southern of China: Chongqing, Changde, Dali, Munan and Machang. This area is recognized as “World Building Exposition”. There are more than 230 buildings from various kinds of architecture from Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Name: Five Great Avenues 五大道
Transportation: Take Metro Line 1 at Xiao Bailou Station, it will you to the far eastern end of Machang Avenue, from where you can head west to Chongqing Avenue and into the Wudadao area

3. Italy in Tianjin: Italian Style Street

In the previous point, I mentioned about the general European style area in Tianjin. While in this place, you can feel only the Italian atmosphere in Tianjin. Italian Style Street is a street where you can enjoy Italian sculptures, shops, restaurant, and bar.

Name: Italian Style Street
Transportation: [Bus] Take Bus No.27, 868 and 901 and get off at the East Station to get to the street.

4. Enjoy Tianjin cityscape from the ‘Eye of Tianjin’

Eye of Tianjin 天津之眼 a 120-meter (394 ft) tall giant Ferris wheel built above Haihe River, China. This is the landmark of Tianjin city. Eye of Tianjin is electrically powered and has 64 passenger capsules. Each capsule is able to carry 8 passengers, giving a maximum capacity of 768 passengers per hour. And it takes 30 minutes to complete a rotation. When the capsule reaches the highest site, passengers can see the beautiful nether scenery within 40 kilometers. So it is called the Eye of Tianjin. And it’s so beautiful at night. If you would like to see the night view on the ferry wheel, make sure you go on a clear night and you can see the whole city of Tianjin! It takes about 30-40 minutes to finish the ride and it is lovely. At night it all light up just, so beautiful to watch. It would be very romantic while being in the capsule of the ferries wheel and enjoying the beautiful scenery outside.

Tianjin Eye at Night

Name: Eye of Tianjin 天津之眼
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 9:00pm (closed on Monday morning)
Transportation: [Bus]
1. Take Bus No.1, 4, 12, 18, 34, 609, 610, 611, 619, 632, 641, 646, 659, 670, 671, 818, 878, 904, etc. and get off at Jingang Bridge Station

2. Take Bus No.5, 37, 161, 606, 635, 642, 653, 657, 658, 687, 801, 824, 836, 855, 906 and get off at Beidaguan Station.

5. Taste Tianjin’s traditional food: Goubuli

Tianjin has its own traditional foods that you have to try, one of them is Goubuli Baozi (steamed stuffed bun). Goubuli baozi 狗不理包子 is famous in China with branches all over mainland China. The original restaurant was opened in 1858.

6. Visit Italian Shopping Mall in Tianjin: Florentia Village Tianjin

Florentia Village is the first shopping mall in China that has Italian nuance. There are more than 200 Italian luxury brands, Chinese brands, and the other International Fashion brands. Florentia Village is located on Wuqing, Tianjin city.

Name: Florentia Village Tianjin
Opening Hours:  April – October, 10:00am – 9:00pm; November – March, 10:00am – 8:00pm; Open at 9:00am on weekends and public holidays
Transportation: Take the Jingjin Intercity Railway and exit at Wuqing Station. Direct shuttle buses are available at the station.

7. Enjoy the beauty of Tianjin Haihe River

Haihe River is the mother river of Tianjin. Haihe River is the biggest contributor in the development of Tianjin. For example, Eye of Tianjin was built above this Haihe River. And also there’s Jie Fang Bridge, a bridge built above Haihe River which connect the city and Tianjin Station, and has 80 years of history. Around Haihe River, there are also Haihe Park, Haihe Cultural Square, and Haihe Fountain Amusement Park. On this river, we can also take a cruise. It’s beautiful at night.

8. Visit Tianjin Radio and Television Tower

Tianjin Radio and Television Tower 天津广播电视塔 is the fourth highest TV Tower in the world, after Toronto TV Tower, Moscow TV Tower and the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. TV Tower in Tianjin has 1,362 feet (415 meters).

Name: Tianjin Radio and Television Tower 天津广播电视塔
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 20:00
Admission Fee: CNY 50
Transportation: [Subway] Take Subway Line 3 and get off at Tianta (Tianjin Radio and Televison Tower) Station. [Bus] Take bus no. 8, 12, 157, 161, 168, 377, 380, 612, 615, 628, 643, 658, 675, 686, 710, 712, 713, 832, 859, 866, 872, or sightseeing bus no. 2 and get off at Tianta Station.

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