2 Days in Shanghai


Shanghai, one of the must-visit city when you go to China. Shanghai is the most modern city in China, and also the most expensive one. Shanghai is truly a city that never sleep!

Actually this was my second trip to Shanghai. When I was a kid, I went to Shanghai to travel with my family. And here it is, my story when I traveled to Shanghai for 2 days 2 nights with my Indonesian friends from Beijing.

Beijing Nan Station (Beijing South Station)

At that time we went from Beijing to Shanghai, using High Speed Train (Gao Tie 高铁). From Beijing South Station, the train left at 07.00am and arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao Station at 12.30pm. Once arrived at Shanghai Station, we immediately bought Shanghai three-day pass which cost 45 RMB. I also have downloaded Metro Shanghai map application on my Android phone. This application is very useful in Shanghai, especially for those of you who use Metro as main transportation.

High Speed Train China 高铁

It’s too bad, in Shanghai there’s no Travel Pass for only 2 days, the options are 1 day or 3 days pass. So I have to choose 3 day Travel Pass. Because actually I only traveled 2 days 2 nights in Shanghai. On the third day, I have to go alone to Hangzhou at the early morning. While my Indonesian friends would go around Shanghai, then go back to Beijing on the third day. In Hangzhou, I have a Chinese local friend who waiting for me to come. I had already make a promise to come to Hangzhou and also travel to Suzhou with her.

Shanghai three-day pass

After that, we did check-in in Jinjiang Inn Hotel which already booked by us before. After check-in, we started our journey on the first day in Shanghai. Below are the itinerary of mine for 2 days 2 nights in Shanghai.

Day 1:
– Xintiandi
– Nanjing Road

Day 2:
– Yuyuan Market / Yuyuan Bazaar
– Central Avenue
– Hop On Hop Off Bus / City Sightseeing Bus & Cruise (1 package)
– The Bund
– Cruise on Huangpu River
– Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

To me, Shanghai is never changed, always modern and looks like luxury&glamour. Everything is expensive and pricey. This most biggest city in China is also famous with its night life. We can see foreigners or expatriates everywhere in Shanghai. If compares with Beijing, Shanghai is more attractive than Beijing especially for foreigners, because Shanghai is English friendly and has a lot of entertainment area. While in Beijing, Beijing is actually attractive too because it’s a modern yet ancient city. So we can feel the mix culture between 2 cultures (East and West) in Beijing. But Beijing is not really English friendly. So when I arrived at Shanghai from Beijing, I could feel these differences very clear.



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