1 Day in Tianjin

Century Clock
Beijing – Tianjin

From Beijing we took train with type D (Dongche 动车) to Tianjin. The journey took about 30-40 minutes. We arrived at Tianjin Station around 07.30am. When we went out from Tianjin Station, we were immediately greeted by the beautiful scenery of Haihe River. Haihe River is the mother river of Tianjin City.

After took some photos in front of Haihe River, we walked over Jie Fang Bridge. Jie Fang Bridge is the bridge which standing over the Haihe River, connecting the city with Tianjin Station, and has more than 80 years of history. Then we saw a big clock which located right in front of the bridge. The big clock called Century Clock is 40 meters high and weighs 170 tons. This clock is made as an early marker of China’s modern industry in Tianjin.

Tianjin Station
Haihe River
Jie Fang Bridge
Century Clock

On our journey in Tianjin, we used ‘taxi’ as our main transportation. Actually there are also subway and bus, but for us it’s more convenient to use taxi. Our first destination in Tianjin was visit the Ancient Culture Street Tianjin 天津古文化街. It’s the place to enjoy Ancient Chinese nuance, and also one of shopping center in Tianjin. If you want to buy Chinese souvenirs in Tianjin, this is the right place for you. Right in front of Ancient Culture Street, there’s a Catholic Church. At that time, in this church there was a wedding ceremony. Well, we only saw from a distance 😛

Catholic Church
Ancient Culture Street Tianjin
Ancient Culture Street

In this Ancient Culture Street, I only bought Tianjin Postcards and some street foods. I didn’t buy too much things here. Mostly I took so many pictures, because the building and the street are really have Ancient Chinese style. It’s really good to take pictures here. We spent for about 2.5 hours here.

Tianjin’s Street

Because time was almost 11.00am, we immediately searched for restaurant that sell Goubuli 狗不理 (steamed stuffed bun). Goubuli is Tianjin traditional food, and people said it’s a must eat in Tianjin. Then, we found a restaurant named Goubuli 狗不理, if I’m not mistaken it’s also because of the taxi driver’s help.

Goubuli 狗不理

This Goubuli tasted weird for me. I didn’t know what’s inside. Because I can only eat Chicken and Seafood, so instead of eat some other weird meat, finally I didn’t eat Goubuli. After that we went to the mall (I also didn’t remember where), then finally I had lunch there.

Our journey continued to Five Great Avenues 五大道. Five Great Avenues is an area in Tianjin. There are 5 parallel streets from east to west. The name of this five streets comes from 5 cities in Southern of China: Chongqing, Changde, Dali, Munan, and Machang. This area has already recognized as “World Building Exposition”. There are more than 230 buildings with various kinds of architecture Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

At that time in the early of October, Tianjin was raining. Fortunately I already prepared to bring umbrella. But still, my shoes which has “suede” style was wet 🙁 After walk around Five Great Avenues, we continued the journey to Tianjin Eye. Although it was raining, but for the sake of taking picture in front of Tianjin Eye, we’re willing to get wet. It’s just because Tianjin Eye is the landmark of Tianjin City. So, in this 1 day trip to Tianjin, we have to take picture in Tianjin Eye.

Because the time was not possible for us to ride this huge Windmill, we continued our journey to Italian Style Street. We arrived at Italian Style Street around 15.30pm. Italian Style Street is a street where you can see the Italian sculptures, Italian shops, Italian restaurants and bar. Compare with Five Great Avenues, Five Great Avenues has European style in general. While Italian Style Street only has Italian nuance. In my personal opinion, I really love this Italian Style Street. Genuinely feel I’m in Italy now! 😀

Finally time was already 19.00pm. It means that we have to go back to Beijing. Along the way back to Tianjin Station, we saw Tianjin Eye at night. It’s really beautiful! Really want to ride that huge Windmill at night to enjoy Tianjin’s cityscape 😀


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