1 Day in Lombok

Views from Bukit Merese

Lombok is a beautiful island that is still “virgin”, meaning that many had not visited Lombok, the beaches were still clean and good. But unfortunately, if you want to go somewhere it is quite difficult to access. Therefore, there are many car and driver rental services here. Because the majority of the people in Lombok are Muslim, so if you come here you have to dress modestly. Unlike in Bali where are free to wear clothes as well.

Very little vacation time sometimes makes me sad. I only had 1 day to travel in Lombok at that time. Though this is my first time to Lombok. Always wanted to explore the beautiful island since a long year ago. In one day in Lombok, I also designed the itinerary in such a way that I could go to many places at once.

1. Sukarara Villages

Songket woven fabric atย Desa Sukarara

The journey starts from our guesthouse to Sukarara Village. That morning around 8.20, we left for Sukarara Village in Central Lombok. Sukarara Village is a village producing Lombok songket weaving crafts. Here we can see how the process of weaving songket, we can try Lombok traditional clothes made from songket woven cloth, and we can also shop woven cloth and souvenirs typical of Lombok.

Wearing traditional clothes of Lombok

When we arrived at Sukarara Village, we were immediately greeted by a tour guide who was ready to be hired. Even though we didn’t say we would hire a tour guide, we couldn’t help but give tips for this local guide. The tour guide then immediately explained the history of woven fabric, how a Lombok woman was required to weave, the process of making woven fabric, and so forth.

Left: When I learnt to weave,
Right: Me with local people who were weaving

I also tried to weave cloth, and it turns out weaving is not that easy. Need patience, perseverance, and accuracy. Just a little wrong, it has damaged the motif of the weaving itself. In this village, the background of a traditional Lombok house is provided for photographs of wearing traditional Lombok clothes. When I go to a new place, I really like to take photos wearing the traditional clothes of the place. A unique experience for me ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Sade Village

Sade Village

Many people say, go to Lombok is incomplete if you haven’t visited the village of Sade. Sade Village is a village inhabited by native Lombok people, the Sasak tribe. Just like Sukarara village, once we entered Sade Village there was immediately a tour guide who was ready to stand by. We also have to pay tips money voluntarily to enter this Sade Village.

The tour guide then explained the history of Sade Village, the customs of the Sasak tribe as well, and so on. We were also invited to tour the village of Sade, and invited to learn to weave (the same as in Sukarara Village). Here there are many who sell souvenirs typical of Lombok, such as woven fabrics, dream catchers, etc. I also bought a “dream catcher” like that, just to have fun ๐Ÿ˜€

Learn to weave at Sade Village

Overall, I feel this village is nothing more than a tourist attraction. I also give lots of money tips here: tips on getting into the village, tips for the woman who taught us weaving, and tips for the tour guide. So actually, in my opinion this village is not too recommended to be visited.

3. Kuta Beach


From Sade Village, we continued our journey to Kuta Beach in Central Lombok. Many say, Kuta Beach Lombok is much better than Bali Kuta Beach. Yep, I also proved it and it’s true that Kuta Lombok Beach is really good! The beach is still quiet, clean and beautiful.

The time shows around 11:40. Imagine, in broad daylight we instead played to the beach. The heat is incredible! Moreover, Lombok is indeed very hot and humid. We also had lunch in front of the beach, there is a restaurant called “Anda”. The food is just standard.

“The Mandalika” Kuta Lombok

After lunch, we continued to take pictures at Kuta Beach. Actually Kuta Beach has another name, namely Mandalika Beach. To escape from the shadows of Kuta Bali, the name change began to be socialized to Mandalika. Even in front of this beach there is also the giant text “The Mandalika”.

4. Tanjung Aan Beach


After from Kuta Beach, we continued our journey to Tanjung Aan Beach. The trip takes about 20 minutes. We arrived at Tanjung Aan Beach at 13:40. Tanjung Aan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok. Once I arrived at Tanjung Aan Beach, I suddenly thought of the beaches in Belitung. Clean, beautiful, the sand is also white and soft.

But the difference with the beach in Belitung, in Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok, there are many tour packages to Batu Payung or other beaches. What I hate is they forced us to use their services! We go where, they follow. We already said to them we don’t want to join their tour package, but still they forced us and continued to force. We felt very uncomfortable.

Run at the beach~

Actually Tanjung Aan Beach is beautiful, and I also like being on that beach. Moreover, there is an instagrammable swing here, something like in Gili. But unfortunately there are lots of annoying people here.

5. Merese Hill

Views from Merese Hill

If you go to Tanjung Aan, you will definitely go to Merese Hill too. Only 10 minutes drive from Tanjung Aan to Merese Hill. The time showed 14.15 when we arrived at Merese Hill. From the top of Merese Hill, we can see the beautiful coast of Tanjung Aan. To reach the Merese hill, we only need to climb a few minutes from the foot of the hill.

And when I got to the top of Merese Hill, Tadaaaa … the scenery was so amazing! Merese Hill is my favorite place in Lombok. If you go to Lombok, you really must go to Merese Hill. It feels like I can just enjoy all day enjoying the view from Merese Hill. I’ll never get enough of that breathtaking views from Merese Hill.

Breathtaking views, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

When we went there it was also very quiet, felt like we’re the owner of the hill LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ We even had time to lie down on this Merese hill. Looks like I’ve fallen in love with that hill. We also spent about 45 minutes here. Oh yeah, there aren’t any annoying people here like in Tanjung Aan Beach.

6. Seger Beach

Seger Beach

I thought I would spend time at Merese Hill. But because we wanted to see the sunset, and according to our driver, if you want to see a nice sunset, Seger Beach is a place. Finally around 15.26 we arrived at Pantai Seger.

Once we arrived at Pantai Seger, we were immediately invaded by children selling souvenirs. Previously at Tanjung Aan Beach, we were forced by men. Eh until at Seger Beach, even the children are forced us. There are so many kids selling it too. If we buy from one child, the other children would get jealous and ask for their souvenirs to be bought. Gosh!

This beach was not as beautiful as I imagined. Even the sunset isn’t visible. He said we have to go somewhere up there, then you can see it. Yes I feel cheated ๐Ÿ™

If I can give a conclusion, Lombok’s beaches are extraordinarily beautiful and clean. But unfortunately, local people in Lombok mostly like to force their tourists to buy their souvenirs or services. I personally still want to explore the beauty of the island of Lombok, even though the local people are like that. There are still many places in Lombok that I want to visit. If I go there again, it looks like I’m going to Merese Hill again. : D


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