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Lion Grove Garden and Humble Administrator’s Garden Suzhou

Suzhou has so many beautiful gardens. Suzhou is recognized as "Garden City". This is because during Ming and Qing Dynasty, there were around 200...

2 Days in Shanghai

Shanghai, one of the must-visit city when you go to China. Shanghai is the most modern city in China, and also the most expensive...

Itinerary and Budgeting 7 Days in Japan

Most people who travel to Japan spend around 12 days, instead they say it's still not enough. Maybe you have to travel...

Travel Guide + Tips

8 Things To Do in Tianjin

Tianjin is one of metropolitan city that continues to grow following the pace of development of Beijing and Shanghai city. The location is very near...

Travel Do’s and Dont’s in Indonesia

Indonesia - a vast archipelago comprising more than 17,000 islands, contains a population numbering around 255 million people, a number that makes Indonesia the...

Complete Travel Guide to Paris

What's interesting about Paris? Eiffel Tower? The city of a million lights? Romantic city? Yes, whatever the reason, Paris will always be the main magnet...


[Review] Maxone Hotel Belitung

When I and my friends were making a plan to go to Belitung, we had a tough time on deciding which hotel in Belitung...

Passpod Wifi Review

The first time I knew Passpod was at the Kompas Travel Fair in 2017. Incidentally at that time I already had plans to rent...

Pengalaman Beli Tiket Wisata di Passpod

Passpod yang mempunyai tagline Digital Tourist Pass ini dikenal sebagai penyedia data connectivity: wifi dan sim card. Dilihat dari tagline nya, Passpod...

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