5 Things I Love About Seoul


Raise your hands if you love Seoul!

I bet you are reading this now because you love Seoul, right? Some of you love Seoul because of their K-Pop or K-Drama. Some of you love Seoul because of skin care, as we know that Koreans have good and dewy skin. And some of you love Seoul because of its nature.

But here, I wanna share with you guys about what I love about Seoul. What makes me want to come back to Seoul. So, let’s get started!

1. Seoul is Romantic City

Prewed Photo Session in Nami Island

To me, Seoul is a romantic city. There are a lot of romantic places which usually well known by K-Drama, such as Nami Island (Popular by K-Drama Winter Sonata). Nami Island could be very popular during winter, but it is also pretty in Autumn.

Haneul Park is also one of the romantic place in Seoul. It is one of the five parks in World Cup Park. Haneul Park derives its name, which means ‘sky’ in Korean, from its status as the park with the highest elevation in the area. To get to the top, you must first climb a staircase of 290 steps or take the winding hiking trail. The top of the park offers incredible views of Seoul. Probably one of the best spot to take Seoul panoramic view.

Haneul Park
Haneul Park
Seoul Night View with Fireworks
Seoul Night View
A couple in Haneul Park

Well, it is not only about romantic places which made me think Seoul is romantic city. It’s more about the beauty of Autumn, the people who I met, and the feeling when I was there. And it all sums up the thought that Seoul is indeed a romantic city.

2. Delicious Foods

Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice

Who loves Chicken Dakgalbi? Who loves Kimchi? Who loves Korean BBQ?

I love all of those Korean foods. When I was in Korea, almost everyday I ate yummy Korean foods. It’s okay for me to spend 12.000 won to eat. Although it’s quite expensive, but it’s worth it. I would regret if I didn’t eat delicious Korean foods when in Korea.

3. Nice People

Well, I can say that Koreans are nice people. Don’t be afraid to get lost in Korea, it’s simply because you can ask directions to them. They are really helpful. Although most of Koreans don’t speak English very well, the young people mostly can speak basic English. If you can speak Mandarin, it’s a plus because some Koreans can also speak Mandarin.

We were going to ask the Korean guy about directions in the subway
And yes, we’ve made it. He is nice and really helpful! He can speak basic English and a little bit of Mandarin

4. Beauty & Skin Care Products

Myeongdong, The Heaven for Korean Beauty and Skin Care Products

Ladies, this is your heaven for Korean beauty and skin care products! You can get them all in Myeongdong, the market which specialized in beauty and skin care products.

5. Unforgettable Memories in Seoul

Korean Trip Buddies!

Traveling with best friends is one of the precious moment in my life. It was so much fun, crazy, and full of laughter. We did so many silly things together in Seoul, and it makes Seoul is so memorable for me. And there were some culture shock too, which make the trip more memorable! :))

When we’re young, it’s the right time to make good memories as much as possible. So now, I urge you to travel with your best friends too, at least once in your life. Choose the destination, pack your bags, and go!

Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. It’s just because you can’t buy memories, right? And I have made so many good memories when I was in Seoul. That’s why I love Seoul.

Seoul, thanks for the memories.. Wait for me to come again ya! 😉


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