This is my first time on a Thai Airways flight. This is also my first time flying to another continent, the journey was very far and long, which is about 17-18 hours including transit in Bangkok. And this is also my first time to be a “Tour Leader” for my family (parents, aunts, and cousins). I arranged everything for this trip to Europe by myself alone.

At the beginning when I bought a Thai Airways flight ticket, I was very happy to be able to get a cheap Return Jakarta-Paris, Zurich-Jakarta ticket that cost Rp6,290,000. Moreover, I heard from some friends who have been on Thai Airways, all said that Thai Airways was nice and comfortable. But, my experience is a little different from the others. I was very disappointed because the flight from Bangkok to Paris had a delay of 8 hours.

On September 25, 2017, my family and I flew from Jakarta to Bangkok. After arriving in Bangkok, we had to change planes again to planes headed for Paris. At that time we arrived in Bangkok around 23:30, even though we were supposed to arrive in Bangkok at 22.26. This means that the flight from Jakarta to Bangkok is 1 hour delay. That was the first oddity that I felt.

Then, once I get out of the plane, I check the billboard about the flight’s departure schedule. It says, our plane going to Paris, LAST CALL. This means we have to get to the Boarding Gate immediately, otherwise we will miss the flight. The departure schedule from Bangkok to Paris was initially at 12.05 am. That means, we only have about 20-30 minutes to arrive at the Boarding Gate.

I thought to myself, “This is crazy too. The transfer period is only 20-30 minutes. Moreover I bring my family too. They can’t run fast, because their legs are already weak.” In panic, I immediately followed the directions for the plane transfer. It turns out that at Suvarnabhumi Airport, there are 2 gates for transfers: East and West. Because I could not think clearly, I was misdirected at the time. I was supposed to go to West, at that time I went instead to East πŸ˜› I ran away, how come it didn’t arrive at the gate of our plane? Very far. I ran at the airport until I was sweaty, struggling, and many people looked at it. There is even a Thai monk who also looked at. While running, I looked back too, making sure my family was still behind.

In short, I finally found the Thai Airways officer at the Check-in Counter. He said, “Just calm down. The plane is delaying. You don’t need to hurry.” But he didn’t say how long the delay is, I also forgot to ask at that time. I think, maybe the delay is 1-2 hours. But I continued to run until the Boarding Gate. I was suspicious when I got to the Boarding Gate, how quiet it was. Did we miss our flight?

It turned out … the flight was delayed by 8 hours, which meant our flight departure schedule was at 08.00 am on September 26, 2017. In my heart said, “Damn, I’ve been tired of running scared of missing the plane, until it was seen by many people eh it’s delayed 8 hours.”

The plane from Bangkok to Paris at that time had a technical problem, so we were told to stay at the hotel that was provided by the Thai Airways. We can also have breakfast at the Hotel. Not bad, the hotel is Novotel, which is located in the Airport area. Our passport was held at the airport, but we got a Temporary Receipt in lieu of a passport. Our luggage was also held at the airport. They will immediately transfer our baggage to the plane the next day.

Temporary Receipt and when we got briefing by Thai Airways officer
Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

How annoyed. Because we already bought an entrance ticket to the Paris Opera for September 26, 2017. Because of the delay, it’s certain we won’t be rushed to be there. We are scheduled to arrive in Paris at 15:00. Getting out of the airport alone must be long, must pass immigration and pick up luggage. Not to mention if there are problems at the airport, then you also need to check in at the hotel first. Finally I had to let go of the ticket to the Paris Opera that we had bought.

In the morning, after we had breakfast at the hotel, at around 06.00 we departed from the hotel to the airport. There is already a bus that is provided specifically for Thai Airways passengers who have been delayed. Arriving at the airport, we immediately headed to the Thai Airways counter to exchange Temporary Receipt with our Passport. After that, we entered the Boarding Gate. Here we got a letter of apology from the Thai Airways because the plane was 8 hours delay.

This is the first time I’ve felt a delay of up to 8 hours. There are many lessons that I learned from this incident. One of them is, learn how the destination airport is before you get there. Don’t be like me at that time, go to Gate West instead to Gate East, so run around until a lot of people see πŸ˜› Especially if the transfer time is limited, only 30 minutes. Moreover if you bring your parents, they have to run or walk fast even though their legs are already weak.

The Jakarta-Bangkok plane is different from the Bangkok-Paris plane, and also different from the Zurich-Bangkok and Bangkok-Jakarta planes. In terms of food and service, I like the Zurich-Bangkok, Bangkok-Jakarta aircraft. In terms of seating comfort, I like the Jakarta-Bangkok, Bangkok-Paris aircraft. At that time our Zurich-Bangkok plane was rather small at the time, so there was limited space when seated. Generally, I prefer my flights from Zurich-Bangkok and Bangkok-Jakarta. There is no delay, the food is also delicious, the service is also more friendly. Maybe this is what my friends felt. But in the end I felt 2 different experiences from Thai Airways, one that was not good, the other one that was good.

Thai Airways from Zurich to Bangkok

During the Travel Fair, I already ordered a vegetarian meal for 1 person. Maybe there was a miss communication, so while on the plane they did not provide Vegetarian food. Maybe it’s my fault too, no double check again to the Thai Airways. Well, if on the plane from Jakarta-Bangkok and Bangkok-Paris they don’t want to know. They said there was no request for vegetarian food, and they had no effort to help. It was different from when we were on the Zurich-Bangkok and Bangkok-Jakarta planes, they did say there was no request for Vegetarian food, but they had an effort to help. They finally provided special vegetarian food.

The scenery from above the plane

Because this is my first experience of flying for a very long time, I thought I would be very bored on a plane. Eh, it turns out that I even enjoy watching Thai movies on a plane. But that was just when from Jakarta-Bangkok and Bangkok-Paris. When I returned from Zurich-Bangkok, I was fascinated to see the scenery under the plane. Usually when I get on a plane, I only see clouds. Well, at that time, I could see the view below me. There are views of the city, the lake, the sea, even the snow mountains too. It’s truly amazing! My plane from Zurich-Bangkok passed through the snow mountains, such as the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. Ahh, it feels like I wanna explore the European continent again!


  1. Pagi mbak,maaf mau tanya waktu transfer di bangkok,apakah bagasi nya ikut diturunkan atau cukup kita saja,kebetulan saya rencana akhir desember ini berangkat ke paris dengan thai airways juga,mohon bantuannya.

  2. Mba mau tanya, rencana saya ke Paris pertengahan Januari dg menggunakan thai airways juga dan transfer di bangkok selama 1 jam 20 menit. Di awal kita akan dapat 2 boarding pass kan ya, nah teknisnya gimana mba disana ? Apakah harus check in ulang atau harus bagaimana ? Darimana kita bisa tau gate west atau eastnya ? Makasih infonya mba

    • Halo sorry yaa baru balas,
      Pas web check-in, kita cuma dapet surat konfirmasi aja sih yang nantinya harus dituker lagi di counter check-in bagasi. Kartu boarding Pass yang asli nya bakal di dapet saat check-in bagasi itu.
      Liat aja billboard nya, gate nya itu di nomor berapa. Terus tanya orang aja mana gate terdekat (west/east) untuk menuju ke gate kita itu. hehe

  3. Mba, saya dan suami berencana membawa anak-anak yang berusia 4 tahun dan 1.5 tahun ke Austria menggunakan thai airlines. Apakah maskapai ini nyaman untuk anak-anak mengingat durasi perjalanan yang panjang? Hal apa saja yang harus diantisipasi?

    • Haii Mesa,
      Sorry baru bales ya. Berdasarkan pengalaman aku sih, nyaman kok untuk anak2 juga. Yang pasti kalau perjalanan jauh gitu harus bawa bantal leher, biar nyaman tidurnya. Terus pakai celana panjang dan kaus kaki juga biar ga kedinginan πŸ™‚

  4. Halo Kak Jeane,

    Mau tanya my parents plan 1st time naik thai tujuan cgk – thai -Frankfurt , Berkaitan pertanyaan boarding pass, apakah boarding pass thailand menuju frankfurt Sudah di terima saat di Soekarno hatta? Jadi begitu sampai di thailand, Passanger hanya liat papan departure dan mencari gatenya??
    passangers harus ulank proses awal seperti di soekarno hatta untuk mendapat boarding pass ke Frankfurt ?
    Lalu ambilnya dimana?

    lalu pengalaman km, jikalau orang tua transit hanya 1jam 15 menit, apakah keburu sampai di gate??
    (Dengan kondisi boarding pass ke frankfurt yg ada atau belum ada)

    Thanks in advance:)

    • Halo Vivi,
      Semua Boarding Pass nya sudah dibisa diambil saat di Soetta. Jadi pas di Soetta udah pegang 2 boarding pass, satu yang Jakarta-Thailand, satu lagi yang Thailand – Frankfurt πŸ™‚ Transit nya 1 jam 15 menit sih keburu lah. Asal jangan 30 menit aja hehehe. 30 menit sih deg2an :))))

  5. Halo mba, saya mau tanya, tgl 13 saya akan ke munich dengan thai airways, jd bagasi tidak perlu ambil ya di thailand? Selama di pesawat kita lgsng dpt mknan free atau hrs booking dl dr web? Terima kasih

  6. Halloo kak,,
    Sy batas bagasinya 30kg utk JKT-Paris.
    Mau tanya kalau misalnya bawa 2 koper buat di bagasi tapi total beratnya dibawah 30kg itu bisa gak?
    Udah baca webnya ga ketemu ttg ketentuan bawa lbh dr 1 koper.
    Makasih byk yaa kaak.


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