The first time I knew Passpod was at the Kompas Travel Fair in 2017. Incidentally at that time I already had plans to rent a wifi modem to Europe, but I haven’t found a suitable one. I was going to use wi***y, because when I went to Korea I used wi***y. But because the review was not so good anymore, so I looked for another one, eh, I found Passpod at Kompas Travel Fair. I also decided to pay directly right away for wifi to Europe, because there was a promo at the Travel Fair. At first it was nervous, because at that time Passpod was still very new, there were no reviews at all. But I think just try it first, who knows it’s really good, and I can give a first review :))

Passpod Wifi in KL Tower, Malaysia

Passpod Wifi is available in more than 68 countries in the world. This 4G LTE wifi modem has no FUP (truly unlimited). 1 wifi modem can be used for 5 devices too, so it is really okay if we are going on a group. The signal is also okay, sometimes there are some places that don’t have the signal anyway, but that rarely happens.

The result of Speed Test Passpod Wifi in Taiwan (left) and Malaysia (right)

Type of Modem Passpod

Because the experience with Passpod wifi when I was in Europe was good, I have been a Passpod’s loyal customer so far. The total is 5 times using Passpod’s wifi modem, which is when to Europe, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan. There are 3 types of modems themselves and I have used all types of modems.

1. Modem SIMGo

This is an old modem with a black box shape. I used it when I go to Europe and Thailand. The advantage is provided power bank by Passpod, because this type of modem does not have a last long battery. FYI, this type of modem is no longer used by Passpod.

2. Modem WeRocket

This modem is shaped like a rectangle with gold color. I used it when I went to Taiwan and the results were very satisfying. The battery lasts a long time, which is around 12 hours for 4 active people. This type of modem is the best in my opinion, even though it doesn’t have a power bank, because the battery is long lasting.

3. Modem URoaming

This black bulb modem is the latest version of the Passpod modem. Just launched in June 2018. I myself used this modem when I went to Malaysia in mid-June 2018 and Japan in July 2019. Unfortunately this modem battery is also not durable.

At the launch of this modem, many customers complained that this modem could not be used, especially in Japan and Singapore. This is because there are technical obstacles. But fortunately, when I went to Malaysia, this modem could be used even though at first I had to wait a few minutes to finally get a signal. Passpod itself has promised to give a full refund and reimburse the cost of the customer’s internet connection, if the modem cannot function in the destination country. Passpod also keeps its promises for customers affected by these technical obstacles. I also noticed the comments on Passpod’s Instagram, which used to have a lot of negative comments, then they were deleted by those concerned because the case was finished 🙂 From this incident, it made me even more confident with Passpod. Because they are really responsible for these technical mistakes. Right now, the modem is completely restored and can be used by customers.

How to Rent Passpod Wifi

Passpod wifi while sunset in Taiwan

As I explained earlier, I first rented the WiFi Passpod from the Travel Fair for wifi to Europe. Right at the travel fair, I just need to fill out the paper form, then pay a deposit of IDR 500,000 along with the wifi rental price itself, and the modem will be sent to the house a few days before departure. The IDR 500,000 deposit will be refunded after Passpod receive a modem that has been rented back.

My friend took care of it when we went to Thailand. He ordered through the old Passpod website, namely which has now become Reservations can be made a maximum of H-2 before departure.

When I went to Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan, I’m the one who ordered it. At that time I ordered through the new Passpod website, On this new Passpod website, the appearance has changed dramatically. And even better, Passpod also has its own application on PlayStore and iOS. Even on the new website and application there are attractions, activities and tours as well. If we look from About Us in, they want to be like e-commerce travel, or “One Stop Solution” for tourists.

How to rent Passpod wifi on the website or application is basically similar to The difference is that at, we have to sign up or create an account first, yes, like e-commerce in general. Then just choose which wifi you want to rent, and fill out the form. In the form there are several shipping and return methods. The shipping method can be picked up by yourself at the Passpod office, sent by courier, or pick up at the airport. For the return method, you can return it by yourself to the Passpod Office, taken by the Courier, or Drop Off at the Airport. Even now it can also be returned at Alfamart.

After all the data has been filled, click “Order now”, then it will go to the Checkout page. Now on this Checkout page, we check that the information is correct or not, if it’s okay, just click the “Pay Now” button. After clicking “Pay Now” will go to the Payment page, here we enter what payment method, whether Credit Card, Bank Transfer BCA, VA, or DANA. If there is a promo code, it can also be entered in the Promo Code section. Anyway, you can use the voucher code “JEANE50” to get a discount of IDR 50,000 specifically for ordering wifi with a min payment of IDR 250,000.

After it’s ok, can click “Pay Now”. Then we will receive an email from Passpod to pay or if the payment has been successfully received. FYI for the email that will be sent by Passpod is the email when we registered, not the email during Checkout.

If you have Passpod’s application, you will receive a notification too. We can also check the order status through the website and application, is it still “Waiting Payment” or “Paid”.

I personally much prefer the new website and its applications. Make it easier for me if you want to rent wifi. In terms of the user interface it is also very good. I even became interested in buying tickets for attractions, activities and tours at Passpod. I see there are many attractions available, maybe there are 1000 attractions or more worldwide.

How to Use Passpod Wifi

1 modem package of Passpod type WR and UR

Different types of modems, different ways to use it. Usually we are given a guide paper  about how to use a Passpod modem. So once we receive the modem, it’s already 1 package with pouch, guide paper, power bank (can be provided or not, depending on the type of modem), USB charger, and USB cable (can be provided or not, depending on the type of modem).

My experience is, so once we arrive at the destination country, we just turn on the modem and wait a few moments to get a 4G signal. After that just search for the wifi username, and enter the password. Directly connected. Simple, not complicated :)) If you still can’t get a signal, you can try to restart it, then turn it on again.


Sooo .. I recommend this WiFi Passpod. Both in terms of products, how to order, how to use it all good. For attractions, activities and tour products because I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t give a review yet. But later I will definitely try too.

Overall, I am very satisfied with Passpod wifi. Really helpful when traveling. Thank you Passpod for being my loyal travel companion! :))



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