October 11th, 2016. That morning as usual, after had breakfast with bread and boiled egg at Uwa Guesthouse, we immediately went to our main destination for that day – Everland Theme Park. From Hongik Univ, we went by subway to Gangnam Station for around 30 minutes. Because Gangnam Station is the same line with Hongik Univ, so we don’t need to transit again. Then from Gangnam, we must take a direct bus (5002 bus) to Everland. It took around 40 minutes to get to Everland from Gangnam. Or for your alternative, you can also book online for the bus, so no need to go to Gangnam first to get the bus 😉

After arrived at Everland area, we still need to take a shuttle bus to go to Everland. Around 10am local time, we arrived at Everland. We know we would be separated into some groups. So, we set the meeting point – Everland’s entrance – around 6pm. We separated into 2 groups, 1 group 4 persons, 1 group 1 person. Of course, I was in the group of 4 persons.

Everland’s Entrance
Welcome to Everland!
Everland Theme Park Map

Above is the map of Everland Theme Park that you can take when you arrive at Everland. There’s also a brochure about Everland. Everland is divided into 5 zones: Zootopia, European Adventure, Magic Land, American Adventure, and Global Fair. The first zone we visited was Global Fair, because once you go inside Everland, that’s called Global Fair.

Global Fair Zone

Then we walked again to the Zootopia zone. Zootopia is like a zoo. So, we can see so many kinds of animals here, such as Penguin, Snowy Old, Polar Bear, etc. There’s also Safari Adventure, so we’re gonna go around Zootopia Zone by using a vehicle which specialized of convertible amphibian. It can be used in the land and water.

Safari Adventure
Inside Safari Adventure’s Car

After that, we walked to the European Adventure zone. Here we can see the European buildings, and the most exciting part is there’s a famous roller coaster named T-Express. This roller coaster is a must-ride when you’re in Everland. It can be said as the main attraction of Everland.

T-Express Everland

At that time, because we went there on October, so there’s an additional zone which has Halloween theme, named Horror Village. But if you want to ride one of them, you must pay additional fees. Because we’re not interested in Horror things, and didn’t want to pay additional fees, so we skipped that zone.

Horror Village
Halloween Theme
Halloween Theme

We also saw a mini “Kochia Hill” in European Adventure. It’s a good spot to take pictures, so we spent around 30 minutes there.

Kochia Hill and Chamonix Mont Blanc
Inside Kochia Hill

After that, we’re waiting in line for T-Express. The line was super crazy, maybe around 1.5 hours waiting. While the ride was only a few minutes. But because it’s a main attraction of Everland, so we should go for it.

This roller coaster has a fast speed, so Everland staffs suggest that we should stretching our heads before ride it. The fun thing was, after ride the roller coaster, our head and body are okay, but our eyeliner were messy and our eyes look like a Panda. LOL!

Let’s Stretching first, before ride T-Express

After ride the roller coaster, one of my friend was tired already, didn’t want to ride any. So I accompanied her, while two of my friends still wanted to ride the other attractions. While waiting for my friends, we took so many pictures in Everland 😀

Once upon a time in Everland

When they finished their ride, we walked again and suddenly we saw Everland staffs were dancing. Then we saw a big stage that read “Happy Halloween”. Waa, maybe this is a show or parade or what. I still didn’t know at that time. Then, we’re waiting for a while until we saw so many people sat to watch the show/parade. At first we also curious and wanted to see it, so we also sat in a row of spectators, but because the opening was boring so we immediately walked again to the other place.

Not far from that, there’s a Cable Car. So, we’re waiting in line to ride Cable Car. While waiting for Cable Car, we watched the parade in front of us. It’s indeed a Halloween Parade in Everland.

This Cable Car operates from European Adventure zone and stop at American Adventure zone. We were immediately hurried to the meeting point because it was 6.30pm already. We’re late 30 minutes from the set time. After five of us reunited again, we looked for a restaurant. Because we’re starving already, didn’t had a lunch, so when we saw KFC in American Adventure, we’re so happy. LOL.

At that time, we still thought to ride an extreme attraction again, but because we’re just had dinner, so should be postponed first. But in the end, we didn’t ride it because we saw a beautiful garden in European Adventure zone. Then we thought this is a good spot to take pictures 😀

European Adventure Night View
Trio Kwek Kwek lost in Everland
Trio Kwek Kwek lost in Everland

We spent 1 hour to take pictures here. If we want to ride any attractions, it’s too late, it was 8.30pm already. Then suddenly we heard an exciting music and sound that came in front of us. And we immediately run as fast as we can to know what happened. And.. that’s a Parade!!

Wohoooo~ I love Parade! I love Everland! And at that time, we’re all look like happy kiddos. We’re soooo excited to watch this parade 😀

So that day, there’s a Parade, named Moonlight. Not like the parade that we watched before – Halloween Parade – but this parade was more exciting and so much fun. The theme of this parade was 40th Anniversary of Everland. Most of the participants of this parade were foreigners, mostly from Western countries. And they wear clothes that decorated with lamps and lights. The vehicles were also decorated with lamps and lights. Damn! This is super cool! For the first time of my life, I watched this kind of parade. And I experienced it with my best friends. Aaaaa.. super happy! That night was one of the most exciting night in Korea for us. Even though we didn’t ride so many attractions in Everland, but it’s all paid off when we watched this Moonlight Parade.

The parade finished around 9.30pm local time. And we must immediately went back to the guesthouse, because on the next day we’re gonna go to Nami Island, where located quite far from Seoul. So, we must had some energy for the next day. I heard from my friend that Everland has a fireworks at 10pm. I really wanted to watch it, but most of my friends chose to go back to guesthouse. Too bad 🙁 Even though didn’t have any chance to watch the fireworks, but we’re satisfied enough because have watched the parade.


Moonlight Parade in Everland closed our third day in Korea perfectly. Thank you, Everland!


  1. Kalau saya baca2 untuk menuju ke Everland theme park bisa juga langsung by Subway ya..,
    nah mau nanya pertimbangan sis lanjut naik bus dari gangnam st.?? kok gak lgs pake subway aja turun di Jeondae-Everland St.


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