When I was looking for cheap, unique, funny, instagrammable, clean, and comfortable guesthouse in Lombok, I found this “Sweet Peach House”. From the name alone “Sweet Peach House” has caught my attention. Then, I saw the photos of the inn really cute. So immediately remembered the guesthouse when in Korea, namely Uwa Guesthouse. Yes, many say this inn is similar to the inn in Korea.

Sweet Peach House

The price is cheap, only around Rp.400,000-Rp700,000 per night per room, depending on the room type. The 400k one is called Green Room (the color of the walls is mostly light green), this room can fill up to 3 people. The 700K is called Pink Room (the color of the walls is mostly pink), this room can fill up to 4 people. But because I was with a friend, so choose the Green Room, and it’s Rp200,000 per person.

In terms of location, it is also strategically located near Senggigi. Precisely on Jl. Tourism No.77, Sandik, West Lombok. I checked the reviews from several websites are all good. I also immediately thought about booking directly at Traveloka. Eh but apparently, my schedule was erratic, so I had to change the date. Luckily I was given a WA number of this Sweet Peach House.

The staff who is holding WA is also very kind. She told me on how to travel in Lombok, which tourist places to visit in Lombok, transportation issues, and even she also gave me a contact driver who offered driver and car rental services in Lombok. She said, the driver was used to take special guests resident of Sweet Peach House.

Initially I wanted to use the services of the driver for the second day, because the first day was enough to take public transportation or ride a Grab Car. Because she said, from the port of Bangsal in Senggigi to Sweet Peach House, you can take public transportation. But when I arrived at the port of Bangsal in Senggigi, I was greeted by rain. Incidentally there is a driver who offers car rental services and drivers, finally I agreed to use his services. I was driven to the Sweet Peach House by car. Then the next day we also continued to use his services. And I canceled the driver who used to take the special guest of Sweet Peach House residents.

Sweet Peach House from outside

Once arrived at Sweet Peach House, it looks like an instagrammable cafe from the outside. When you enter it, it looks like a boarding house. There is a shared kitchen, living room, shared TV, etc. Lots of nice photo spots here, it feels like I really want to take a pic in every corner of this Sweet Peach House. The bedroom is also like a Princess room. Really cute. There is also AC, Wifi, and private bathroom too. Perfect!

When we were at Sweet Peach House

The Sweet Peach House was only built at the end of 2016. So the building and furniture are also new. Even when I go there, it still smells of paint 😀 My expectations really match the reality. This guesthouse is indeed cute, clean, comfortable, very similar to any lodging in Korea. Looks like the owner of the Sweet Peach House was inspired by lodging in Korea this time :))

There are 2 floors here with only 3-4 rooms total (can’t remember exactly how many). Because of the small number of rooms, it makes me feel like home. If later I have my own home, I feel like I want to make it like Sweet Peach House too. I like the selection of the pastel wall color, decoration, layout, and sticker quotes.

Love every corner of this guesthouse!

Unfortunately I’m only staying here for 1 night. Because indeed I do not have much time to travel in Lombok. Next time when I go to Lombok again, I will definitely stay here again. Highly recommended! 😉


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