Lingyin Temple Hangzhou

When I had a chance to visit Hangzhou last time, Lingyin Temple was my main destination. Imagine a temple which located in the middle of two mountains. Lingyin Temple is located in the middle of...

1 Day in Tianjin

From Beijing we took train with type D (Dongche 动车) to Tianjin. The journey took about 30-40 minutes. We arrived at Tianjin Station around 07.30am. When we went out from Tianjin Station, we were immediately greeted...

Skiing in Harbin

Harbin, the must-visit city during winter in China, offer us winter activities. One of them is Skiing. There's one popular place to go skiing in Harbin, named Yabuli Ski Resort. At first we planned to...

Trip to Harbin

We went to Harbin from Beijing by bullet train and with the modest preparation. Harbin is a small city in China. Harbin doesn't have so many attractions, the main attractions here are actually Harbin...

Train from Beijing to Harbin

From Beijing to Harbin takes around 7-8 hours by using high speed train . At that time our high speed train ticket was 306.5RMB. If we use the economy train with the duration 12-18...

The Struggle to Go to Harbin

If you go to China during winter, so Harbin is a must-visit city. In Harbin you have to visit Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Here you can see the ice and snow which formed into...

My Favorite Shopping Center in Beijing

If you go to Beijing, the major city of China, you shouldn't miss shopping experience here. I've lived in Beijing for a while, and these are my favorite shopping center in Beijing. 1. Xidan Shopping...

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