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Travel Story

5 Things I Love About Seoul

Raise your hands if you love Seoul! I bet you are reading this now because you love Seoul, right? Some of you love Seoul because...

Day 5 in Korea: Mt. Seoraksan

October 13th, 2016. Same as the previous days, we left from Uwa Guesthouse around 8am local time. It was also a long day for...

Catching the Sunset in Belitung

As we already know, Belitung is divided into 2 regencies: West Belitung and East Belitung. As sunset is always in the west, so logically...

Travel Guide + Tips

15 Korean Foods You Have To Try in Seoul

Annyeong Haseooo! I've always thought that I don't like Korean foods until I go to Korea and taste the super yummy and tasty Korean foods. I'm...

8 Things You Should Know About Belitung

Do you know the novel and movie of Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops)? If you have heard about it, you must know Belitung, the land...

18 Things To Do in Beijing

Beijing is the major city of China. To me, Beijing is the unique city because in this city we can feel the mixed culture...


Pengalaman Terbang dengan Singapore Airlines dari Jakarta ke Osaka PP

Bisa dibilang saya cukup beruntung karena saya mendapat tiket pesawat murah banget dari Jakarta ke Osaka PP naik Singapore Airlines cuma Rp3,400,000....

[Review] Maxone Hotel Belitung

When I and my friends were making a plan to go to Belitung, we had a tough time on deciding which hotel in Belitung...

Penginapan Murah dan Bagus di Kuala Lumpur: Casa Residency Condominium KL

Saya tidak menyangka penginapan di Malaysia banyak yang murah dan bagus. Waktu itu saya mencari penginapan di Kuala Lumpur lewat Airbnb. Banyak...

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